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Post wedding sale.. Orange & Fuschia Maracas, chair bows and much more

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Hi ladies.. Just returned home from cancun and this is what i have for sale. The wedding gown is by impressions bridal... the destiny collection style 4995 fabric is taffeta. It is classified as an informal gown, but It is AWESOME for a beach wedding. It is so lightweight and just plain comfortable to be in versus the huge bulky gowns and everyone thought it looked stunning. They said it is a size 8 but i beg to differ... I am normally a size 5 and about 5'7 and it fit perfect, no need for any alterations. It has a simple bustle in the back also. Asking $300 OBO

Pictures by candycepaguia - Photobucket

*** if the link for photos does not work please contact me for pictures

I also have

8 inch maracas $1/each

-16 orange

- 11 pink

** we can change the colors if needed so the colors can be even

Raffia Fans $30 for all

- 13 pink

- 15 orange

4 orange rice paper parasols( 32 inches) $8/each

Large capiz Clam Dish for sand ceremony $ 25


2 (6-7inch) Whole pearl nautical shells $25/each

Real Touch Bouquet & Boutonniere $125


Floating Water candles $6/ box or $25 for all

- 5 boxes each box comes with 5 candle floats and 800 hours of burning worth of wick

Bag of pink and orange flowers petals $5

Orange and Fuchsia Organza Chairs bows $ 45

- 24 pink

- 24 orange

I bought these in spools since i didn't know how large our chairs were going to be. I ended up cutting them 108 inches long. These are crinkled from being tied and transporting, but my opinion it looks much nicer, somewhat like taffeta material.

I also have organza leftover on the spools

- 19 yards of orange $14

- 24 yards of pink $16

*** Each spool was 25 yards and I got about 8-9 chairs bows out of them. I also used it to stream around the front of the huppa alter thing


Lillian Rose "P" cake monogram $10


Lillian Rose brown guest book with pen NIB $20

7 Centerpieces $12/each

I can sell each item separate, but prefer to sell together

** separate pricing is as follows

- 7 (7 1/2 inch) cylinder vases $2/each

- 7 medium size stargazer lily heads $5/each

- 8 dark brown hard bamboo square placemats $ 6/each


- 10 LB of light rocks $6

- 2 LB of dark rocks $3

5 Daisy heads (used for cake decoration) $5 for all

- 3 orange

- 1 pink

7 1/2 yards of 5/8 inch satin rink ribbon $2

4 1/2 yards of 5/8 inch orange ribbon $2



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Opps forgot to add all prices are not set it stone, so please if you feel its too high or you are on a tight budget like myself make an offer and i will work with you!!

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Originally Posted by Shoesiesluvr View Post
Would you be able to tell me where you purchased your maracas?? Im interested in them but I would need a couple more than what you have...thanks!
I bought them from a website called MakesParties.com They come in assorted colors with designs already on them, but since I needed fuchsia and orange we just painted over them with a gloss paint... super easy!

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Hi... We just got back from mexico last week and we are moving, so things have been kind of crazy... We hired a photographer so i am waiting to get the pictures so I can use them with my review

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