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Amazing photographers in playa del Carmen

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Me and my husband just had our wedding in Playa del Carmen. We used Blue Lens I can just say they were the best. We had Dennis do our photo shoot. He was very professional and fun. He took the edge off of us being nervous for the photos. He took us to many locations that he thought would capture what we wanted. The photos were gorgeous. He really new how to catch the right mood and lighting. I would recommend this company to anyone getting married in the area. There website is Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer in Riviera Maya | Bluelenscaribe As for the location the beach and the town are so beautiful it is the perfect background for a perfect wedding.



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Hi all!


Just a quick message that we just left on the original "Blue Lens Caribe" thread, and is in order here as well:


Blue Lens Caribe Photography has been rebranded as WeddingDayStory in Riviera Maya.


And who's WeddingDayStory, you might ask.


We are a family of wedding photographers & videographers devoted to celebrating the simple romance of weddings in the sun. We have been in business for 10 years now, from Dominican Republic & Costa Rica to Mexico (first in Cabo, now Riviera Maya). So, Blue Lens Caribe has ceased to exist as brand for the last two years. It just got together with WeddingDayStory, but the latter name was the one that reflected who we are the best, so we kept it.


Helping our friends out is a big deal for us-so if you have any questions, need any information, or just want to have a quick chat, don't hesitate to reach out to us! On top of the channels that appear on our signature below, you can also choose to schedule a call with us, no strings attached   ^_^


To do so, click here: https://calendly.com/weddingdaystory


Happy planning!

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