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So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7!

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#61 boscobel

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    Posted 08 July 2010 - 11:05 AM

    BUMPING for Morgan!

    #62 echo2_62

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      Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:02 PM

      I'm totally going into spoilers here so stop reading if you haven't watched last nights' show yet!!!

      Okay ladies! What did you think There are going to be a LOT of people who will be really upset if Alex has to leave the show because of his injury. It makes sense because it totally wouldn't be fair to the other dancers if he got a "free" ride through any elimination weeks but at the same time I can't imagine him being in the bottom three for any reason of his own doing. And after giving up his place in the ballet school, it's got to be such a crushing ordeal for him.

      I really like both Ashley and Lauren and I hope they hang on a little longer for the girls side of things. I don't know if Jose or Adechike are going to be around a lot more and if poor Robert is in the bottom three again it will be so sad!!

      And I hate to say this BUT the first dance that Billy Bell did last night actually suited him and was the first where I could kind of agree with everyone who loves him. But the second dance he did was AWFUL and I'm so glad the judges didn't (all) think he was brilliant for a change. Oooh, plus it was awesome that they had Katy come back for an all-star role as she was most definitely a favourite of mine!!!

      I was really bored with the judges comments last night. They all seemed to be saying the same things for each dancer but maybe twisting the words slightly differently. It seems that more and more each week they end up with something in focus such as getting into the role, being believable, adding the in-between bits etc. and that's what they go on and on about in the entire episode. I hope it doesn't continue the same way until the end of the season

      Oh yes! And some of you had mentioned wanting to see choreography from Mandy Moore and she does two or three routines this week and of course they were really great!

      #63 rodent


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        Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:19 PM

        Originally Posted by drbrainfreeze
        Did anyone notice Nigel and his snide comments towards Travis this week. Yeah, his dance was kinda contemporary and not very Jazz. But when he was talking about Tasty Oreo's Jazz coreography, he made it a point to thank Tyce for a "real" Jazz routine. They panned to Tyce and Travis was sitting nex to him with a frown. He (Travis) said something but you couldn't tell what. I think he was pissed.
        I've ben meaning to google to see if anyone could read his lips. I think he was saying F off nigel. yeah, that was contemporary, not jazz but why take up the contestants time to talk about it.

        Originally Posted by carly
        BUMPING for Morgan!
        thanks carly. she knew I was upset about alex & needed people to talk to :)

        I love that kid & I'm so sad for him. and me too- I'm going to miss watcing him dance. I hope he got good news on his mri & can continue.

        ok now my rant of opinions. I love the new format. I just couldn't get in to last year. with 20 dancers it takes me a while to care about any of them, so they first episodes can be boring. i was thinking about skipping this season until I heard about the new format. I like jumping right in & knowing who everyone it.

        i wish mia would do jus a routine or two. although i feel like travis has filled the void nicely. I also love the music he picks which makes it that much better.

        during mandy moore rehersals, i like to guess which 80s song they will be dancing to.

        i'm not a fan of tasty oreo. i think he is my least favorite coreographer & i feel like his routines are often ehavily inspired by the others.

        love sonya & I thought her first routine of the season with alex an allison was amazing.

        I like so many of the dancers this season. lauren was my favorite out of auditions, but after the first episode i started to love alex.

        i want adecheke to go. he messed up so much in auditions i didnt get why they kept him. i'm just not a fan.

        i didn't care for melinda, but the girl is impressive. she has a lot of class.

        I'm not a billy bell hater, but he isn't my favorite.

        I really like robert. i thought he'd be getting the tween vote, but it's all going to kent. i think tweens these days don't go for the classically handsome men. i'm just assuming that when justin bieber is a heartthrob.

        for the all stars, I've loved seeing ania dance more. I really like her & during her season she wasn't one I was routing for. I was a big pasha fan, but I really like seeing him out of his style. more goofy than I Am The Sexy Man.

        I've liked getting to know allison. she'd great. I didn't watch her season. was it 1 or 2? I started after that.

        I lvoe getting to see twitch in his style each week. He's another favorite.

        I think they should discontinue the quick step on the show.

        nigel can be really creepy when he comments on these 18yr olds. things like, "Your legs darling." and jokes about their dresses coming off. ick!

        i love cat! best tv host ever. like when the mic mesed up at the start of the episode & she made a joke out of it. she's so witty.

        #64 rodent


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          Posted 08 July 2010 - 12:21 PM

          oh & I'm glad kent got to do a sweet prom love dance this week. He just wasn't ready for those other dances. he needed to get sweet, inocent love down before he can get dirty. it will be interesting to see if he ever does manage hot & sexy.

          #65 jajajaja

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            Posted 08 July 2010 - 01:33 PM

            I don't think Adecheke is the best dancer, but I think he finally got some swagger- or he's faking his confidence better. I noticed him last week and again this week he looked like he at least had fun with bollywood. I agree- it did seem heavily African influenced, but whatev- I still enjoyed it.

            My biggest criticism this year is the judges. I was glad to see Mary gone because I was tired of ffwing her or muting. I always love Adam, but I think Mia and Nigel brought him down to their nitpicky, bitch standards. Mia is a good choreographer, but as a judge, not so much. She totally doesn't believe in constructive criticism. Just criticism. I was pissed at her last year being a hag and she's back again. She's beyond inappropriate with her comments like "we made a mistake keeping you." Nigel seems to do the same thing. BLAH.

            Ok- rant over.

            I can't comment too much because we missed half the show last night- damn DVR malfunction. However, I thought most of the performances I did catch were boring- like the ken&barbie dance. Slow, weird movements. Loved the prom though! And apparently they felt the heat too!
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            #66 rodent


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              Posted 08 July 2010 - 05:58 PM

              my friends I used to watch the show with like to say, "Shut up and choreograph Mia."

              Too bad now she only talks & doesn't choreograph. She doesn't bother me as much as she did. They are doing a better job at limiting judge rambling time.

              Adam used to annoy me because he'd go on too long.

              Lil C is the worst though.

              Oh & what's up with mia always picking on the outfits? They don't dress themselves.

              #67 Jessica

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                Posted 09 July 2010 - 09:00 PM

                I was surprised Mia Michaels actually apologized to Adechike. I wonder who told her to tone the bitch down.

                Is it just me, or does anyone else get a flash of Carlton (Fresh Prince) when seeing Adechike dance? Especially during the African Jazz routine. My head was filled with "It's not unusual to be loved by anyone, It's not unusual to have fun with anyone but when I see you hanging about with anyone, It's not unusual to see me cry,oh I wanna' die..."

                I'm sad to see Alex go. Poor kid can't get a break with this show. I wonder if he's going to try and come back next season.

                #68 rodent


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                  Posted 09 July 2010 - 10:41 PM

                  i cried again at alex leaving when the announced it on thursday's episode. I think he'll do the next season. He waited 2 years already. I'm glad to hear it's not a career ending injury.

                  #69 Laura22610

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                    Posted 09 July 2010 - 11:10 PM

                    I was so upset about Alex too. He was light years ahead of everyone else IMO! I think he will come back next year too - he definitely deserves another shot.

                    Mia is a terrible judge. Half of the stuff she says doesn't even make sense. I'm glad she apologized to Adechike. Those were really mean comments she made while critiquing him, not to mention it must have been hard for him to do that dance with a new partner and take over Alex's parts! He's not my favorite but I didn't think he was as bad as they made him out to be.

                    And I loved that Cat called the judges out on their comments about Adechike! She's great :)

                    #70 jajajaja

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                      Posted 09 July 2010 - 11:27 PM

                      Jess- Mia probably had flashbacks to the shit she used to say to Brandon and then blamed it on him being so talented that she felt she had to ride his ass. Whatever. You can tell that Adecheke (his name is fun to say, but not spell) was hurt by her comments. He looked like he was tearing up at her apology.

                      Poor Alex though. He's got a bright future. I hope he can fully recovery because I've heard those are nasty injuries.
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