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El Dorado Royale (EDR) Brides - POST HERE!

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#881 ltbscotland

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    Posted 08 March 2009 - 04:12 PM

    I am an Azul Fives bride who has been moved to the el dorado royale.

    The wedding reviews at this hotel are amazing and I cant wait till its my turn!!!

    I hope some of you can answer a few questions for me.

    I would like to get chairs with white chair cover and pink bow for the my wedding ceremony, will these chairs be moved to my reception or do I need to pay again for the chair covers and bows?

    I would like to have my reception on the beach, i have 20 guests, is this possible? if so where can I have it and what is it like? I am getting married in June, I take it will still be hot enough in the evening?

    Failing the beach reception I think I like the look of Tucanes, can you tell me if this is private?

    I will probably have a billion other questions but thats all I have at the moment.

    Thanks for your help!!! :)

    #882 natalie ann

    natalie ann
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      Posted 09 March 2009 - 11:05 AM

      We had 53 people, planned on the beach, but it was far too windy. We moved it to Tucanes and it was just beautiful. There is a dance area, so you don't have to rent a floor or a tent, easy to walk around, the tables to visit. Our ceremony was the beach (Fuentes Gazebo) which was wonderful but plan on wedge wedding shoes and tell your girls. One of mine had heels that punched though the runner into the sand, HA! Look at my photos, ( click on my name and go to my homepage) it was dark for the reception (Jan 31) so it is hard to see the reception area but our DJ had great color lights for dancing. I could go on, if you have tiki torches keep them closer to your dancing and dining, they are wasted around the far sides of the pool. Good luck

      #883 natalie ann

      natalie ann
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        Posted 09 March 2009 - 11:30 AM

        I forgot to answer your chair question. For a private event you chairs are included and covers are extra but negotiate, they will work with you. You get a fixed number of chairs with the ceremony and must pay for extra ones. The covers are extra too, so we just did bows for the beach and both for the reception dinner.

        #884 ltbscotland

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          Posted 09 March 2009 - 02:20 PM

          ah natalie ann - werent you an azul five beach who was also moved like 2 days before your wedding?? I remember your photos...they were done by mexican wedding photos werent they? After seeing your photos that is who we are going with and I feel they are reasonably priced. What photo package did you go for? We were thinking of going for the $880 for 2 hours.

          I think we will end up having the reception in Tuscanes and get a few tiki torches and those small candles....think it wil look lovely. :)

          What did you do for a meal? We were thinking of doing $36 set menu...have you heard if the food on these set menus are any good??


          #885 natalie ann

          natalie ann
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            Posted 10 March 2009 - 04:36 PM

            We were going to go with the $36 set meal, but I did the $60 set menu just because I wanted lobster, but I am sure they are all wonderful. The food at Eldorado was exceptional. And all my guest raved about the entire dinner, app, soup, main course, and dessert. Said it was the best wedding dinner they ever had. No cake, saved there.

            We did 3 hrs with the photographer and I think it was only $100 more than the 2hr.

            Who are you dealing with at Travelly.com? Owen Mandez? When is your wedding date?

            #886 ltbscotland

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              Posted 11 March 2009 - 03:46 AM

              I have booked my wedding/holiday through thomas cook which is a travel agent in the UK.

              We getting married on 30th June - our 10 yr anniversary :) :)

              I think it is a bit rip off that they dont allow you to use the chair coverings and bows for the reception that you paid for during the ceremony...

              Thanks for the info for the meal...I think we will go with the $36 one. I am not too keen on the first course, do you think they would allow you to change it at no extra cost? I think I will email Valerie to double check.

              I am so excited cant wait...less than 15 weeks to go...i know it will just fly in :)

              #887 ltbscotland

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                Posted 11 March 2009 - 08:35 AM

                I have just responded to Valerie to say we have picked the presidential gazebo for our ceremony and a private event dinner party in tucanes for our evening reception :). We have asked for the pink isle runner with rose petals and chair with covers and pink bows. I will probably just have undressed chairs for the reception, I have not decided yet. I have also asked for mexican wedding photos :)

                Natalieann you said your wedding package was 980 for 3 hrs but I have been quoted 880 for 2 hours or 1250 for 3 hours. That is a big jump in price!!

                for tucanes, I would like to get tiki torches and beach candles, how many would you recommond that I get and where would I put them?


                #888 natalie ann

                natalie ann
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                  Posted 12 March 2009 - 11:01 AM

                  This is from our spreadsheet from Valeria:
                  "Mexican Wedding Photo package 2 80 pictures 4x6 (including 20 b&w) 10 pics 5x7 (3 b&w) 3 pic 8x10 (1 b&w , 2 color) Bride getting ready, Ceremony, Bride and Groom portrait by the beach, group photo, wedding party and family. Time aprox of photographer service 3 hours CD with the files in High Resolution and Photo Album. Ok Marlet 22/12/08$978.00"

                  As far as the chair covers, I really liked them at the reception dinner because the table linens they give you are very dressy, a beautiful off white pattern, not just white.
                  They will try to get you to order more decorations when you are at the resort and everything seems wonderful and you just say yes to all these additions. Order maybe 10 torches now and wait until you see Tucanes. You can order more after your final on-site meeting. See if you can put the torches close to the table and dance areas. They recommended we get 10 more and put them on the far side of the pools and that was a waste. I also thought the floating bouquets were a big waste and they talked us into them last minute too. But Tucanes was a beautiful location for a reception, yours will be really nice because it will be light outside for several hours and you will love the beauty of the area. Also make note, we got a $200 credit for our trouble with moving from Azul Five but they didn't make it clear that was only for the Spa services, so make sure you use it correctly. Several people in out group either didn't get it until they asked or didn't get to use it by the "rules".
                  Are you getting an upgrade to a casita? They are fabulous.

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                  #889 ltbscotland

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                    Posted 12 March 2009 - 02:56 PM

                    Our Travel Agent managed to get us a free upgrade to a casita suite. We have also been informed by Karisma that we will get $200 credit per room that can be used in any facility in the hotel i.e. water sports, spa. Plus we are getting $500 off any off any additional wedding purchases.

                    We will order 10 torches now......did you order any beach candles, if so how many?

                    Thanks for answering all my dumb questions!!!

                    #890 Rhonda

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                      Posted 13 March 2009 - 09:40 PM

                      I was just wondering for those who got married at EDR, did you pay the set up fee for the reception? What items did you bring to set up? And, did you think it was worth the cost
                      It seems pretty outrageous to me that they are charging for this...I would prefer to do it myself or have someone I know do it.

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