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El Dorado Royale (EDR) Brides - POST HERE!

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#841 Dreamgirl08

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    Posted 25 December 2008 - 04:02 AM

    Wow thanks!

    Now that you mention it, we might also be relocating to the Presidential Gazebo too, since we don't expect to have more than 12 people. So sorry that you guys got sick . Good thing you kept a positive attitude. I'm going to check out your pics now..yippie!!!

    #842 pryzeless

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      Posted 26 December 2008 - 12:25 PM

      I am so glad everything went well. You look amazing in your photos and can't wait to see more. Where did you TTD?

      #843 KirstenRN6

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        Posted 28 December 2008 - 02:28 PM

        We took some of our TTD photos around the town of Playa. Then we went to a cenote' south of the resort. I believe it was called Eden Cenotes. It's run by a cute little family. They only charged us $4usd per person to get in. We were pretty much the only people there along with a few other scuba divers. Cenotes' are amazing! I highly recomend going to see them. It was by far the clearest water I had ever seen, and the caves make an amazing backdrop for photos. We wanted to do something different for out TTD rather than just taking them in the ocean. I'm excited to see the rest of our pictures! I think my photographer will have them done sometime in January!

        #844 pryzeless

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          Posted 29 December 2008 - 04:10 PM

          I can't wait to see them too!!

          #845 Dreamgirl08

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            Posted 02 January 2009 - 11:31 AM

            On a side note, can someone help me with the following..

            We're looking to go with LOMAS TRAVEL to book our honeymoon excursions etc.. By the way, how exactly does it work, I mean do they pick you up at your resort or do you have to meet them somewhere? For those of you that used Lomas Travel,

            Which activities did you do?

            Which didn't you do & why?

            Which would you recommend & why?

            Is there another company besides Lomas Travel that you can think of, or am I better off ging with Lomas Travel?

            Thank you..thank you..thank you for your advice

            #846 pryzeless

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              Posted 02 January 2009 - 08:01 PM

              There are several agencies at EDR near the lobby that book excursions. They generally pick you up at the lobby. Some of our guests went ziplining and snorkeling. They used the timeshare people b/c they had a timeshare and it worked well for them. Not sure how much they charged. I know Lomas people are right in the lobby so I am sure it would work out for you.

              #847 natalie ann

              natalie ann
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                Posted 07 January 2009 - 06:03 AM

                Hi I just switched to Eldorado Royal, have a few questions. We are rushing to get everything decided!
                I'm worried about a beach reception being too cool after dark. Ours is a Jan 31 wedding date. We have 55 of us so we are told either in a hall that could be a MI wedding hall or on the beach. Did any of you have your reception on the beach at night? Was it too windy and cold? Are there other options we are not being offered. We are the only wedding that day. I really wanted something outside.

                Also where is there jetskiing during the day, I read on one post someone was jetsking?

                Oh and if we are bringing votives and sea shells for our tables (all extras are so expensive) will they put them out for us or do we have to pay extra!!
                We are painting names on sand dollars for our seating chart and they want to charge $40 to rent a box with sand to put them in.

                Any advise would be helpful.
                Natalie Ann

                #848 shannon

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                  Posted 07 January 2009 - 11:11 AM

                  Originally Posted by KirstenRN6
                  As promised, here is my review for my December 2008 wedding at EDR. Overall, we had a great time, minus a few mishaps. I’ll do my best at breaking down the details for all of you. Of course, feel free to ask me any questions.

                  Wedding coordinators: Since March I have been dealing with Valeria via email planning our wedding. I have to say that she was awesome. Her response to my emails were quick and very detailed. I felt very comfortable working with her. Towards the end I felt we were a little rushed with getting all of our final payments in. I actually had to remind her at one point that we were already 30 days pre-wedding day and our final payments weren’t done yet. I felt a little nervous sending such a large sum of money via fax, but Valeria wrote to confirm that she had received my payment as soon as it arrived.
                  The onsite wedding coordinators were awesome as well. We had Marisol for our coordinator. We met with her the day after we arrived. We went over all the final details. Everything was just like Valeria and I had planned. Of course they will try to sell you a few extras while you are there. We were suckered into a few things…..ha! They also scheduled a time to have my dress and David’s suit pressed at this time. This was one bump in the road that was kind of irritating. They scheduled to pick up my dress the day of the wedding at 10 AM and return it by 1 PM. It was perfect timing because I would be at the spa during that time getting my hair and nails done. Well they didn’t pick up my dress until 10:45 and didn’t return it until 2:15. It completely messed up our time to be ready for pictures at 2PM with our photographer. So I highly recommend getting you dress and grooms suit pressed the day before the wedding to prevent this hassle.

                  Photography/Videography:David and I were so blessed to have won a contest here on BDW from an amazing photographer named Kristi Klemens of KLK photography from Newport Beach, CA. Her fianc© Paul Bennet, has his own Videography business (Blue Sky Videos). Both of them joined us at EDR for 3 days to capture our wedding day and then do a TTD session the next day. We had so much fun with them! Kristi and Paul are young and so fun……….we hit it off from the start! I know we will have a lasting friendship with them. Not to mention that their work is AMAZING! You would never know that the two of them have only been doing this for around 4 years! They are definitely blessed with the amazing skill of capturing a moment! Here’s a link to her blog with a few “teaser” pictures from our wedding and TTD: The Gift

                  Wedding:Our wedding was held at the Presidential gazebo. Our wedding was at 4 PM. I loved this gazebo location simply because we had such a small amount of guests with us (13, including David and I). It has a lot of lush greenery around it too, which was nice. Gazebo 55 is just to the right. I like that one too, but it is definitely more fitting for larger weddings. The sound system they used is really good, the music was so pretty!! Our minister was Aleena. She is one of EDR’s English speaking ministers. She is so articulate. She spoke everything from memorization, never once looking at a paper. My guests thought that was amazing. I truly felt she was speaking from her heart to David and I. We also did a sand ceremony, and used the sand ceremony picture frame. We even “borrowed” a little sand from where we both stood. The frame made it home in one piece! The ceremony was about 30 minutes total.
                  Our reception was a Tucanes. I loved this location! It’s not next to the water, but honestly, you probably don’t want to be. It can be SO windy by the ocean! They decorated the table so pretty…..just how I wanted it! The wait staff was great too. We did the family style dinner, which was perfect for our little group. It was fun to pass all the trays of food around to everyone. We also used the sound system with Ipod station for this event. Again, very good quality. For the cake, we just got the small heart shaped cake. We really only did this just to have one and to keep tradition. The cake tasted okay, nothing special.


                  I did get my hair done the day of the wedding. I brought a picture for them to go by. They did a good job. My “doo” definitely wasn’t going anywhere. I also got my nails retouched. I got a really good manicure and pedicure before I left, so I decided to just have them do a French nail polish on nails. I also got a massage later in the week with my maid of honor. They do a good job, but of course everything is WAY overpriced.

                  EDR is definitely a beautiful resort. The grounds are very well kept. Beautiful flowers everywhere. We stayed in a Casita (3031). The 30 block is further away from everything, but it’s newer, so that’s why we wanted that particular block. They definitely pamper you in the Casitas. The concierges are nice, but they seem to call you a little too much, always wanting to know if everything is okay. The food at EDR is pretty good. But I have to say that I am definitely not in to all the “foo foo” gourmet food. I am a country girl and definitely prefer good old meat and potatoes. Cocotal was the best for breakfast, they had the most “normal food”. Unfortunately, David and I got very, very sick a few days before we left. Full fledged montezuma’s revenge. It was awful. Not sure what we ate or drank. A few of our guests got sick as well. Just go prepared with plenty of tummy medicine. As for the beach, I’m sorry to say that I was really disappointed. I knew ahead of time that the huge sandbags were spread out across the whole resort, but once you see them, it’s really an eye-sore. For that reason only, this resort might not be the best choice if you are wanting the pretty, white, sandy beaches. Deep down that is what I wanted, but our wedding was still amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

                  So hopefully that explains most details. Again, contact me if you have any questions. Having a destination wedding was an amazing experience! You will love every moment of it!
                  Congratulations!!!! So glad you guys had an amazing wedding!!! :)

                  #849 BandE2008

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                    Posted 07 January 2009 - 09:07 PM


                    Congrats on making the switch.

                    EDR is incredible
                    I thought the money was insane too, but now that its over, it was sooo worth it.

                    They didnt charge me to set things out .... but I have heard different things.
                    I think they try to, but if you take the stuff with you to your wedding meetnig, they will just ofer to put it out, and never charged me (thats how it worked for me anyway). I had planned to have my bridesmaids put it out should EDR want to charge me. So maybe have a back up option like that in case they try to charge you.

                    As for the reception being cool.

                    I think if you want it on the beach, go for it.
                    Most nights it was fine there, but there was one that was pretty windy and cool (cool, not cold by any stretch, you just needed a shawl).
                    (also, I was there in end of Nov, so might be even warmer now).

                    I do have a suggestion if your worried.
                    Since your in Mexico, it would be nie to have it outdoors rather then in a hall (in my opinion)
                    Perhaps having it at the Health Bar or at Tuscanes would be a better option. Then you are still outside (nice) but off the beach (so not as windy if it happens to be a windy night).

                    Just a thought.

                    #850 pryzeless

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                      Posted 07 January 2009 - 09:20 PM

                      I agree with BandE. IMO because you travel so far, I would think you would like to be outside. At least I did. It was windy on the beach so just off the beach would be nice. I had 36 people at Tuscanes and there was plenty of room. I brought all my decor and they charged me $50 for set up for everything. This included hanging lanterns. It is so worth it. They did an fantastic job and you should be real happy you switched. As for jetskiiing, there is a booth right on the beach in front of the main area. I believe they charged around $50 or so. I did not fo this but I think some of my guests did. Good Luck.

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