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FINALLY ENGAGED!!! May 3, 2010

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So yesterday I was going about my normal home routine.....getting dinner ready and tidying up the house. Nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary.

So after dinner Riley goes to lie down on the bed and I figure, well I have laundry to still put away so might as well do it while we chat about our day. So he asks me to come and snuggle, so the idiot I am, I continue doing laundry and say give me a few more minutes and i wll once Im done.


So I finish the laundyr and lie down with him, my head on his chest. As soon as the thought came in my head it was gone even more quickly. I noticed his heart was nice and calm - so he there was no way anything was up. A few minutes later he rolled onto his side and I was still snuggled into his chest. At that time his heat sped up and bc of that I was like....hmmm thats a lot of effort by his heart just to roll onto his side....so I said "have you gone for your blood work yet and the EKG?" and he said no but that he would look into it. So again thought nothing of it.


A little background though - I am going to Ottawa this weekend to see my Grandmother. I havent seen her in 2 years and she isnt feeling as well as she usually has in the past. I knew how much more settled she would feel knowing that I was engaged and "taken care of" if I had this ring. Riley knew this too - but said it wasnt possible, however he wished he could.


So back to my story, ....all of sudden he was telling me how much I meant to him and how much he appreciates what I do for him, etc etc....and I blurt out " you arent worried Im going to do something stupid when I go back to Ontario are you?" (bc my ex is back there) and he said no not at all. So of course I kinda spoiled things possibly with that out burst focus.gif

Anyways he continues to tell me all the mushie gooshie stuff and puts the arm he has on me behind his pillow and pulls out the box - unbenounced to me! Then he opens it up and shows it to me and asked me to marry him!!! I was so excited.....all I could come up with was "Really" "are you kidding" and then finally "YES!".


It wasnt flashy or dramatic and it was actually exactly how I wanted it to happen. I alwys loved how it was done in "my big fat greek wedding" - so intimate, just the two of them. I never told him this - othere then the fact that I wanted nothing special when it did happen...it was like he read my mind....

So we spent the next 40 mins in bed.....blush2.gif not what your thinking....lol

and then I started to call the family and friends - we even got a hold of his mom and sister who were on vacation in Mexico!


Oh plus he called my dad and mom to ask to marry me before he proposed of course, and my parents started crying - it was awesome!!



So now after planning for the past 9 months on this forum without a ring - living vicariously though all the other brides on here - I can now plan my little heart away!!


YAY!!! Marry my best friend and I cant wait!


Thanks for letting me tell my story - and for all the great advice along the way!



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