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hello ladies

ive not had my internet for a few wks due to moving

big congratulations to all of you who have got married! photos look fantastic!

going for my 1st fitting in july i need to book a date.

bridesmaids dresses orderd they are due in 10 days b4 we leave! talk about cutting it fine!

having trouble with what the fellas are wearing, think were opting for light grey pants white shirt then hire waistcoat & cravat white and turquiose, we were going for whits suits but its not happening can only find beige/cream.

we also picked our wedding rings just got to order them now

 x x x 15 wks yday til we fly

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Hi ladies


I never thought I'd hear myself say it but I am sooooo bored being off work, 4 weeks stuck in the house and i'm going crazy, it wouldn't be so bad if I could leave but I can't walk on my knee for longer than 10 minutes without getting shooting pains.  The only good things is that I have got loads of wedding planning done. 



Selina, welcome ot the forum, I'm getting married on 30th June 2012, although we've now decided that we are getting married in the UK but I'm still on BDW as I've grown really close to the girls and they help keep me sane through the mad times lol.


Nina - fantastic news about your dress, that was so lovely of the designer.  I have the same problem as you, i'm a size 18 on top and a size 12 on bottom.  My dress had  to be ordered in a size 20 to get around my bust but will have to be taken in to fit everywhere else, because my dress is corsetted they had to check with the designer (Marc Le Carr), but he said it will be fine and he'll make to measure so I was pleased about that.

Sam - oooh can't wait to see pictures of you in your dress x



Mrs Adams - Congratulations again, your pictures are just beautiful, looking forward to reading your review x 


Mrs Page - loved your wedding photos, just gorgeous.  How beautiful of Harrison to do a speech, that is so special. Can't believe that they didn't do the alteraions on your dress, i'd kick up a right fuss and try and get some money back xx


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So I decided a while back that my bridesmaids could choose their own dress, the only rules were that they had to be purple and they all had to decide on the same dress.  They ended up finding one on ebay that they all loved, I've ordered them and they are just beautiful and all the girls look gorgeous in them, they were such a bargain as well £50, but because I was ordering 8, they did them for £40 each. I know its a bit early but the seller on ebay said they were going to discontinue them soon and we didn't want to miss out.  I've got a friend who's mum does adjustments and she said that they can be easily adjusted but i've told the girls they can lose weight they just can't put any on lol.  Anyway I thought i'd share pictures, this is my daughter wearing it, it also comes with a lovely chiffon scarf that can be wrapped over the shoulders.









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I had been racking my brains to find a gift for my mum to give her on the wedding day.  I didn't want to just give her a bunch of flowers, I wanted something a bit more personal.  Anyway I found this lovely little journal it's called 'My Beautiful Mum'  and it is a journal from the Bride to the Mum.  It has little statements on a page and then you fill in the answers.  Some of the statements are:


A little written note of thank you
How you helped me through my pre-wedding jitters
My favorite pic of us
What makes you so unique as my mum
If tomorrow never came, what would I say to you
The time you were most there for me
Mum & Daughter pics!
5 things I love most about you


I thought it was just beautiful, they also do bridesmaid journals and groom journals...here is the link if anybody is interested.





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i've been on the hunt for a bridal bouquet, which has been surprisingly difficult as I'm not really a flower person and don't like a lot of fuss, but I've really fallen in love with this one, i'd probably just add a couple of more purple roses in though.






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Charmaine i LOVE the girls dresses, they are beautiful!!!!! What a bargain! lovely, really lovely!!



OMG i love the journal! I want one. I nearly cried reading that. My mum would love it. Great find! :o) I have a beautiful photo of me and my mum on my wedding day which would go lovely in there and the hen pix of course..


This was my bouquet. It was exactly what i asked for and i was over the moon with the flowers (although expensive, worth it)!



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Thanks Michelle, I love the dresses too, the girls chose well, they all look stunning in them. 


Isn't the journal just the sweetest thing, my mum will love it and will definitely cry when she reads it, she means the world to me so I just want her to have something special from me.


Your bouquet is beautiful, I like simple but nice xx


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Hi girls


I've been having a look at wedding jewellery and am clueless as to what style to get.  I've come accross these two necklaces that I like, what do you think, or should I keep looking?








7737.look-of-love.jpg I'm not sure about the large pearl on this one!

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