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Any brides from the UK

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#981 michelle2011

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    Posted 16 August 2010 - 04:22 AM

    Ha ha yes i refer to my BDW brides as my friends too :o)...


    Lisa well done you it is lovely!!! How about a few more pics of resort/hotel and you and your FI? x

    #982 michelle2011

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      Posted 16 August 2010 - 07:02 AM

      Ok well the old photo company (foto caribbean) have confirmed they are no longer the onsite photographer but can honor any reservations made. So now i need to investigate the new photographer (dont even know their name) and make a decison....hhhmmmm

      #983 waybuloo

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        Posted 16 August 2010 - 07:36 AM

        Yes thanks Michelle I completely forgot about photos of resort....good idea!!  Pictures of me FI are a bit more difficult.......do you know that after 15 years together to find photos of the both of us together & on top of that one of us not pulling a face or looking the other way are hard to find!!  Have hundreds of the kids or one of us in the pic!!

        #984 roo66

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          Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:10 AM

          ok girls this is gunna be a long rant.

          Paul has three children two girls and a son the son is a piece of shit there i said it hes a bad kid who has spent the last five years living with us and my three boys.We mortgaged ourselves to the hilt to provide a home for him to be with us.If i tell you he thought it was ok to take a fiver from a stolen teachers purse but he wasnt so bad cos the other kid had a tenner you kinder get the arsehole ive tried to parent for the last five years.Anyway he finished school in June he will get shit grades cos he was to busy sleeping with his 14 year old girlfriend and smoking cigerettes.

          We pay pauls ex wife £160 a month BUT the girls have very little from it as far as hair cuts and clothes they always have cheap shoes infact chloe last summer age 6 had her second pair of clarkes shoes and i bought both pairs.

          So our wedding has been planned for 2 years ive bought all the girls things i just told amy to bring her knickers up this weekend and her shorts three pairs and her smellies.Chloe needed to bring a belt hairbrush thats it.We thought it wasnt to much to ask for the ex wife to pay for Jamies things or he could of bought a few bits with his pocket money oh hang on OR get a summer job hell be 17 in november

          Who the f..k was i kidding Amy couldnt bring her knickers cos mum said she wont have enough for the next two weeks and she bought Jamie two white vest tops and two black thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Shes getting his family allowance cos hes living there now i forgot to say he moved down there the day after he finished school.

          He didnt even wait to say bye to his dad gone no thanks whatsoever.



          So this weekend the arrive almost empty handed i ask Jamie what hes got and i get nuffink!!Well it turns out almost nothing no shoes hes wearing canvas boots WTF.He brings the bag in produces the four for a tenner vest tops and pulls out three pairs of shorts that youd do your decorating in.

          A conversation goes by where i tell him he should of saved his money or would he rather have faggs than clothes to which he replied faggs He said his mum hasnt bought any cos shes only got £20 in the bank and dad hasnt paid any maintanance for him.

          No hes just spent £200 on renewing passports and weve bought EVERYTHING  girls.To be honest it was amys birthday this weekend so she had clothes etc and chloe had things for her birthday way back in feb.

          Jamie then said his dad would have to buy them and i said he dosent HAVE to buy them to which he replied well i wont come then.

          On top of that Pauls mum and dad are picking holes in the villa and i went to pick the tickets up today and three of the fifteen names are spelt wrongly AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

          Whilst in town i bought Jamie 4 primark t-shirts and one pair of shorts and a pair of flip flops and a pair of those little pumps.Im not telling Paul or Jamie im putting them away and gunna just wait and see now who worries about it first.

          I also got amy two pairs of summer shoes with her birthday money i called around to Paul to ask for her number and he asked me why looking pissed off with me did i forget to tell you he went to bed last night leaving me with our friends cos hed been up early.

          SO having given me the why why why do you want to ring her i said f... it i wont bother and walked out oh of course Jamie was there

          OH i didnt tell you this bit Jamie is her now till we go working on his car that we bought him for his 17 th birthday which isnt till November.

          On a good note im off to work now lol so i can forget about the blimming lot of them

          Stressed you bet

          Oh and ive been to the doctors i have a poorly toe that he thinks i have an infection in but ive cut them to low so we cant send a clipping my feet are in a bowl of salty water as i write.

          Thanks girls sorry about the bad language


          #985 michelle2011

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            Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:42 AM

            OMG Roo i dont know how you do it! Can i ask what does Paul think of it all? Does he know or has he (typical man) got his eyes shut to it?


            Maybe he should have a chat with the little s**t and the ex wife. Why should you have to deal with it? I think you are so good for buying him them bits. You dont have to do that you do it out of the kindness of your heart and he has shown you no thanks! Oh it annoys me!! I dont know how you cope.


            Deep breaths hun and a large well deserved glass of wine for you later :o)..

            #986 char79uk

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              Posted 16 August 2010 - 09:37 AM

              Louise I can't see your pictures it just says 'image not available'   can you PM them to me please xx


              Michelle, i am so loving that bag...it is gorgeous x


              Janapana The flowers look lovely, you did a fab job.  Both of the necklaces are really pretty, but I like the first one, it is simple, elegant, blingy but not over the top x


              Wow Roo, I don't know how you cope, I would have killed the little s**t by now, how bloody ungreatful is he and don't even get me started on his mother, does she not feel any shame about the way her kids are dressed.  I know you must be at boiling point especially with FI not seeming to realise there is a problem, but try not let it stress you too much hun xx


              xxx Charmaine xxx

              #987 *lyndsey*

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                Posted 16 August 2010 - 09:55 AM

                roo you deserve a medal! I agree with michelle, get yourself a glass of wine at the earliest opportunity x

                #988 roxmysockz

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                  Posted 16 August 2010 - 10:29 AM

                  roo - that sounds so mega stressful, I felt stressed just reading that!! That kid sounds like a real delight!


                  Holy crap is your TA fixing the names? They're not gonna charge you are they? x

                  #989 waybuloo

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                    Posted 16 August 2010 - 11:05 AM

                    OMG I can't believe how much you've got going on Roo sounds like a lovely lad!! & your poor toe to top it all off!!....I agree with Michelle pour yourself a HUGE wine & stick two fingers up to the lot of them!! & what a charming mother wants her kids to go without makes me sick!! Try not to let it all get to you honey xx

                    #990 Nicyx

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                      Posted 16 August 2010 - 11:36 AM

                      roo... Rant away lovely!


                      Well, im in cahoots with what the others have said...................

                      Thinking of ya... *Hugs* :-) Definatly deserve a hugh medal.



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