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Any brides from the UK

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#2931 kerry872

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    Posted 20 March 2011 - 09:53 AM

    Well girls i have had no internet for two weeks and it has taken me forever to catch.


    Good seeing some new people especially those at Sensatori as i get married there in April.



    #2932 waybuloo

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      Posted 20 March 2011 - 01:25 PM

      Oh my goodness Michelle, can't beleive how unwell you have been.......just what you don't need, anytime, let alone in run up to wedding.  Hope you feel better very soon honey, big hugs xx

      #2933 roo66

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        Posted 21 March 2011 - 02:35 AM

        Hi Michelle, i hope your on the mend today im just wondering if you have been taking lots of medication it could of upset your tummy a bit.My ibs symptoms cause spasms which i would describe as labour pains that can make me squirm but also shout.If ive overdone the dairy it can just be a sicky feeling.I wonder if your tummy is suffering from too mny painkillers in the last few weeks.Try laying off of the crap food and maybe dairy too to give your digestive tract a rest.I have been into a and e in AGONY and have alwys been told ibs symptoms.Whenever the press my tummy they say its fine.

        I hope your feeling better today xxxx

        #2934 samcalv1

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          Posted 21 March 2011 - 06:24 AM

          Michelle - Hope you getting better soon. Big hugs  xxxx


          I've had a terrible week :-(((((( Started off really well went to London saw Phantom of the Opera, John was amazing in it got photos taken with him still dressed up, went to the Ivy for food afterwards, saw Matthew Fox (Dr Jack from Lost) yum, yum.  Calv had a chat with him and he was really nice to him...  Following day we had a tour backstage of Phantom (again curtesy of John) wonderful..... Then we came home :-(((((( I ended up with a water infection that affected my kidneys (not as bad as you Michelle but still painful), I was then given antibiotics for the infection, Calv developed a stomach bug which he kindly passed onto me by the Sat, (couldn't get out of bed all day), and then I came out in rash all over my body as I am allergic to the bloody antibiotics, my friend has now gone to get me Calamine Lotion..... Next week has got to be better..... xxxx


          On the up side as long as the rash has gone by Wednesday we are going to pick our wedding rings..... :-))))))



          #2935 *lyndsey*

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            Posted 21 March 2011 - 12:25 PM

            hey michelle, hope your feelin better hun x


            nicy - 46 days to go!! :)


            heres the link for the flower girls dresses, i have an 18 month old and a 5 year old so we have the one with the small straps and the one with the puffy sleeves for the baby.




            heres the place cards. we used real star fish so i had to leave the star fish out in the conservatory for a couple of weeks to get rid of the fishy smell lol didnt want it to put the guests off their food ha ha



            #2936 Nicyx

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              Posted 21 March 2011 - 12:34 PM

              Michelle, hope your feeling better chick..... im still unwell but hey hoe!!! Not half as bad as you so im not going to whinge about it.


              I have been missin in action for a few days....

              My dress isnt in yet, now im in panic mode.... need a caterer for my AHR as ive gone off the idea of doing it myself!!!


              My hen is 2 weeks on friday, they are planning things im unaware off and im scared!!! lol


              I went out on sat for my friends bday, got so pi$$ed that i fell over and nearly broke my nose have a massive cut on my nose , top lip and chin.... all grazed...2 grazed knees and 2 sore ankles :-( What an idito i am.... WILL have to be good in Edinburgh..... i hope my face and knees recover within the next 6 weeks.... I AM SO SO STUPID.


              I havent had any wedding dreams yet :-(


              Lyndsey... I know im so excited 46 days to go... cant believe it, i remember when i was on 246!!!! haha!!! Im just worried about the dress!!! Have been on to them and all they say is dont worry, dont worry... Im going to hound them everyday!!!


              Love those place cards & The flower girl dress is lush... so so cute :-) xx

              #2937 michelle2011

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                Posted 22 March 2011 - 12:14 AM

                Thanks girls, i'm still not 100% its so horrible getting up every morning feeling like an old woman, i've finished the antibiotics now and the stomach pain has eased not totally gone but not in agony with it anymore. My lower back is still really aching. I'm going to try and workout today though. I have 9weeks to go now and can't still around on my butt any longer!! I just want to feel normal again..


                Sam & Nicy - sorry to hear you are both ill too. What a horrible time for us to be feeling rough so close to our weddings :o(


                Lyndsey - love your placecards and the girls dresses are so cute!


                Nic - I would also be stressing!! I am stressing cos Scarlett's dress is still not in yet! I have no idea why they are taking so long!! How blimming close is your HEN!! OMG!!! my girls are also doing things behind my back, i was popping round my BM's sat and she was like "wait i have hen bits out i need to put away"  ha ha ha ha.......


                We went had had Harrison's suit fitting last night, he looked so grown up! Nearly cried, bless him! I have seen some brown shoes in Barratts so might have to get those for him this week! My mum has gone off her dress and now wants a new one after buying the shoes and package hat to go with it! So now she is stressing cos she only has 9 weeks to find one! OMG it's all kicking off ha ha!! On the plus side we are almost done with our holiday clothes/shoes etc i just need to buy all the suncream now really but gonnna wait for the BOGOF offers as gonna cost a bit!

                #2938 bride5656

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                  Posted 22 March 2011 - 02:09 AM

                  Hello ladies :)))

                  Hope you are all good and had a nice weekend! :))


                  Lyndsey your place cards are soooo cute, well done girl! :)) I have been around hobby crafts the other week and looked at some starfish too lol, they do smell loads lol :D if I will decide to do place cards myself, will take your advice and keep them outside somewhere for a few days lol :D Oh and dresses for he girls look really beautiful too!!


                  Michelle, so glad you feel at least a bit better now...although its not good that your back still hurts, maybe you should go back to gp sweetie???..oh did you try heat rub, in boots they sell them extra strong so maybe heat will make it better?!..

                  Everyone seems to have a little flu or smth else with them lately, even we are a bit flu-ish since weekend...lol, even our poorly puppy got ill, had to take him to the vets and apparently he has an ear infection..:/ so hope that what ever is wrong with us all will pass in couple of weeks :D


                  Oh btw Michelle, when we went for holiday last year we got our suncream from ChemistDirect, they have some good deals sometimes, so worth checking :))


                  Gosh girls your weddings are soooo close, 6 weeks, wow!!!...we are at 350days now , so about 50 weeks LOL :D :D

                  But I am sooo excited for you all, sooo cant wait when you will come back and tell us all about it and post loads and loads of pictures too :D






                  #2939 soon2beMrsG

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                    Posted 22 March 2011 - 03:30 AM

                    Hey ladies,


                    I hope this finds you all well.  Tim and I just made the move to a bigger flat so its been pretty hectic.  Looking forward to reading all the missing news.  I saw the starfish place holders.  What an awesome idea! 


                    all my best,


                    #2940 michelle2011

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                      Posted 22 March 2011 - 03:38 AM

                      Ooo i'll have a look on that site thanx :o)


                      Well i did a 40min workout and to be fair my back felt ok whilst doing it. But now i've stopped its started twinging again!!!! AARRGGHH!! just can't bear ANOTHER trip to the doc's :o(


                      OMG we've just had the BEST news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our flights have changed!!! We are now on a Thompson flight!  i am SOOOOOO happy! Not only are they better planes (especially for me who hates flying) but we now will all be together!! One of my BM's and her family along with my friend were on that flight as they are doing 10nights so now we are all together.. I am literally bouncing off the walls

                      I phoned Caribbean Warehouse to see if we could now have the extra hand luggage for bride and groom but they said no we only get that if we booked a Thompson package.. oh well it was worth a try! They said Cosmos made the decision to pull out of the Monarch deal and it cost them £15 million to do it but they thought it worth it due to customer satisfation! OMG i'm so happy! its made my day :o) xxxxx

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