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Any brides from the UK

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#2151 michelle2011

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    Posted 23 January 2011 - 01:34 PM

    Oh Jo i do love your honesty. I have the same feeling when it comes to Scarlett she is 3 but she's been having terrible twos tantrams since she was 1 and hasn't outgrown them. And boy has she got a set of lungs on her. Once she goes there is no stopping her. You were so good not saying anything. I would of had give mum the look and said 'take her' lol. But as you all know i dont get on with my inlaws as it is!!


    SO glad they found your ring OMG i would have been stressing!!


    Oh i really felt for you reading about the morning of the wedding day. You poor thing. I am worrying i am going to be the same.


    You looked lovely on your day. You didn't look fat at all. Its all in your head girl......


    To be honest girls i'm not looking forward to the wedding so much these days. I keep telling everyone 'i'm so excited' but i'm not. Me and FI's mum dont talk. I can't bear her. She has come between me and FI and i just feel like the gap is widening. I actully feel sick when i think of the wedding. I dont know if its just cos it's so near now but half of me is thinking 'what am i doing'..... i feel really gutted to be feeling like this when i'm supposed to be on a high at such a special time. They make me feel totally cut off and on my own. I'm not part of their family and never will be and i really feel it. Its FI's fault as much as his mums cos he's let it happen.


    I know your all gonna say i should talk to FI about it but i know he'll just defend his mother and we'll have a row and i dont want to go over the same old same old anymore. I just dont know how to learn to live with it. Maybe i'm just having an off few days! Hopeing and preying it passes!!


    Sorry to put a downer on everyone elses excitement :o(

    #2152 roo66

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      Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:09 PM

      Jo i think you did very well to keep a positive attitude and im sure if we are honest there are minor things we would change.I would of drunk the champagne we bought at Gatwick before leaving,.I would deffo had eyelash extensions the mac ones didnt work as well cos of the acrylic nails we were wearing.I deffo needed to tone the jelly wobble arms and the half a stone that made my dress wrinkle through the middle.I would not of allowed Chloe to wear a guests hair flower instead of the one that was clipped to her dress.I should of wrote down how i wanted everything laid out cos when it came to the sand ceremony the vase(ikea one) wasnt there and the wedding coordinator ran off to find it.They had used it to put the orchids in instead of putting the orchids in the goldfish bowls with water and the led lights.I also had the screaming child the ikle greek family we invited bought there lttle boy who touched a light that was under a tree so burnt his hand,bless him he cried the whole way through. Somehow i found a very chilled side of my character and actually said a wedding isnt a wedding without a screaming child got to be a lucky omen wink wink

      THAT SAID we had a fabulous day, yep if i was doing it again id loose the bingo wings and drop 7 pounds girls instuct a friend to go check how everything is set up its not going to be major issues but i did get two of joshs friends to do some checking and to them it was perfect and it was (almost),So write it down do a plan and hand it to a buddy.

      I havnt told anyone this but the day before the wedding  i went to get the boxes we had placed in there container they were shipping.The owner sent me with a member of staff and as she opened the door to the cupboard she said mind the rat.RATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUMPING BACKWARDS

      Anyway there was no way i was going in there wtf rat!!!!!!!!! I couldnt wait for her to get my flowers and i was outta there(i have a bad phobia of mice and rats)I had one in kitchen at my old house and when it was caught and waved at me i collapsed in a heap wet myself, wailing like an iranian woman whos family had been wiped out in bombing

      If you check out our wedding pics you will see my i do letters nibbled and they had placed one letter over the other to cover the bite marks

      Im relieved he took a fancy to the pink sparkly and not the jelly beans

      Im sure Jo,i cried every day driving to work going over the ceremony in my head soooooooooooo  girls i think both Jo and i would  say you NEED  to have a break down so the tears are fine;;);) no bridezillas though and it will be perfect cos you get to marry  the man of your dreams

      Jo you look beautiful and there is no hint of the drama in your piccies actually one of my  favs is the one with your little boy at the altar.


      #2153 janapana

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        Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:22 PM

        Honestly Michelle, i would say it´s ok not to be so excited.


        even the day before the wedding i was a bit indifferent, and worse on the actual day, but me and ants have got on a lot better since we came home. i´m glad i´ve married him!


        i think it´s insane that we put so much stress on one particular day and then end up disappointed


        having said all that, you´ll probably be fine, but i had to be honest, and i don´t think it matters so much if that one day isn´t all you think it´ll be, cos it´s the rest of your life that´s important.

        and i know you don´t get on with his mum, but everything is amplified at the moment, once you´re married it´s like a weight´s lifted off. also it might be a bit like that for your fi too. ants was a right mardy-arse the last month before we got married, who knows maybe he was having cold feet too, but like i said things are much better now.


        keep your chin up luv!


        #2154 janapana

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          Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:30 PM

          haha roo, you makes i larf!  wailing like an iranian woman in a puddle of wee!


          my washing is done, 9 loads later, i so wish i had a tumble drier. my lounge has been full of wet clothes for 3 days now.


          tonight i sleep, for tomorrow...... i iron.

          #2155 roo66

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            Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:34 PM

            Michelle i hope your just having  few off days i dont know if there is room for the building of your relationship or even if your open to it happening.However if there is ever the opportunity for bridge building your wedding may prove the turning point.Its sad that it got so bad but sometimes we meet people that we really dont click with who we consider greedy nasty selfish etc and they bring out the worse in all of us.My mum has been married for 47 years shes english hes irish and there have been many rows fall outs and utter hatred with his sisters well one of them mainly.Its only in the last 10 years that one of them has seen what my dad can be like and has actually mellowed.If one of them dared to knock the front door my mum would leave by the back.My dad knows the are nasty but there family so he puts up.My mum knows a HUGE  secret about the worse one that would shock the whole catholic family.She caused her own parents marriage break up and was sleeping with an older married man over 50 years ago.I hope things calm down and probably you are the only person getting worked up by it.Kill her with kindness if all else fails whilst on your wedding honymoon rise above her and anyone else whos going to take all your positive happy vibes xx chin up sweetie she did one thing right she gave you your hubby to b wink wink

            #2156 roo66

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              Posted 23 January 2011 - 02:35 PM


              #2157 waybuloo

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                Posted 24 January 2011 - 03:22 AM

                Girls I know I have said this many times before but 'THANK GOD FOR YOU LOT'!!  I have just got in to work feeling really miserable about the wedding....more on that in a minute.....& then I read all your posts, I have laughed out loud & nearly cried as well!!  Makes me feel like I'm not the only mentle case around!!


                Ok, Jo, firstly your wedding photos are amazing, the one of you on the stairs looking up at your children brought a tear to my eye so sweet, I know they have the devil in them, I am already trying to prepare for my 3 year old ruining the day, but in the photos they look in angelic!!  Your review has had me laughing out loud 'him shim'.....hahahahaha  I don't know how you coped with all the dramas but I don't suppose you have much choice do you once your in the sitution, at least all turned out great in the end & getting shitface is definitely my plan!! xx


                Roo - hysterical!!!!....hahahaha.....wailing like an iranian woman!!!!  nearly bloody wet myself, guys in my office are asking what I'm laughing at!!!!  &  a RAT!!!!....WTF??.....lol sounds like a sketch out of a carry on film......nibbled bits of diamonte.......am so laughing!!!!


                Michelle - On Friday I was going to post almost the same thing, outwardly I am telling everyone how excited I am but really I am not at the minute.   A bit similar to your situation, as you know we don't talk to his witch, sorry mum, at all however he has started saying that he thinks his mum of all people should be at the wedding!!!! WTF.....In reality he is right, every mum should be there, but that is if they aren't effin Satan!!!!  I know it should be his decision but in short I have told him that if she goes I don't!!!!  She has done far too much for me to forgive her, including upset 'our' daughter.  He feels that too but after having a huge row about it all with him saying 'its alright for you its not your mum' to which I nearly left home as said 'don't ever f***in compare my mum to yours'.....we are now just not talking about it.  So now what? Like you I don't want to bring it up again to have another row!!  I can't back down on this as will not go if she is back on the scene but don't want him to marry me with regrets.  I went bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday with my mum, couldn't tell her what had been going on, so had to pretend everything was ok, really thinking 'this could all be a big waste of money!!!!'.....bloody mother in laws...& the supid old bag would be loving all this, us arguing over her...ggrrrrrrrrr I actually HATE her!!!!  & breathe...............


                Oh Michelle the place I got the box from is www.lifememoriesbox.co.uk but did from ebay.....at this rate though you can have my box.....lol.....as I have been typing this he has just sent me a text saying 'I really love you even though you have been moody'....me f***in moody????  God sometimes I wonder how we ever got together we are so different!!!!


                Rant over, think I need to go back & read Jo's & Roo's posts again to make me laugh again!! :)

                #2158 janapana

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                  Posted 24 January 2011 - 04:59 AM

                  Originally Posted by roo66 


                  actually i sent the kids off to school with antony and went back to bed til 12. much better. now i have to iron tho, or my husband will wonder what i´ve been doing all day.


                  waybuloo & michelle i think the wedding makes everything worse than it actually is, so much more stress. once the weddings are over you can ditch the in-laws! also, those resorts are usually big enough to get lost if you don´t want to be found..... i think i had  maybe 3 convo's with my mil, not deliberatley, just cos we were never in the same place at the same time.


                  i really feel for you both cos i was miserable as sin before we said i do, but think about why you want to marry him, because the good times will be back once the stress is over.



                  #2159 herbie76

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                    Posted 24 January 2011 - 07:02 AM

                    Jo and Nicyx I've requested you as friends on Facebook. X
                    On August 2nd at 3pm at Sensatori Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico I marry my best friend.

                    #2160 samcalv1

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                      Posted 24 January 2011 - 07:59 AM

                      JanaPana - Hope you feeling much better now that you are home and married xx Your wedding day will be one that you will always remember, the joys of 2yr olds mine are older thank god (my daughter is 7 and son is 14) I get on with my mum-in-law so that makes things easier .....


                      Michelle - It's a shame when things get as bad as they seem to be sometimes it might be better just to walk away and leave them all to it..... x Even if all you want to do is scream and shout xx


                      Went dress shopping saw an amazing Amanda Wyatt dress that I loved but felt that the shop were pressurising me as she told me it would take 9 months for a dress to come and to hurry up and order one ....... Went to another shop (booked an appt for Wed) who said it should only take 4 months ?????


                      Is anyone wearing a veil???

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