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Originally Posted by marleydog View Post

Hi Nicy,


So sorry to hear about Stephen's Gran.  At least he was with her at the end. 


Not long now girl.  I've loved reading all your posts, but always felt like I was butting into a conversation. 


Looking forward to reading your review when you get back.  cheesy.gif

Thanks chick. x


Never butting in at all hun :-) Will give you heads up when i get back when i post my review x  Hopefully get a few pics tagged whilst in Mexico... Look for me on FB if you like?

nicola bates




Originally Posted by *lyndsey* View Post

awww nicy so sorry to hear that, but if she's been ill at least she  is now in peace x

Thanks sweetie xxx


Originally Posted by *lyndsey* View Post

nicy i bet your so excited now!! its a week on friday til we fly out, thats your wedding day isn't it? when do you get back?x



Yes we fly sunday..... YES 5 days!!!! WHOO.... THEN WE GET MARRIED A WEEK FRIDAY WHICH IS THE 6TH, We get back :-( on Monday 16th morning!!! But we do have AHR to lookforward to then on the 21st :-) x


Im sooooooo excited, cant wait to get tomorrow and thurs at work out of the way!!!!  :-) x


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Hi Herbie,


Absolutely loving the bridesmaid's dresses, welcome leaflet & bag.   Your girls look stunning. 

Originally Posted by herbie76 View Post

Hi everyone and hope you all had a lovely easter


Nicy glad you had a great hen night no2. Sorry to hear about Stephens nan big hugs to you all grouphug.gif


Michelle hope all's going well with you?? Not long now?? Whens you hen nights?


Kiwimel we go on 24th July to 7th August and get married on 2nd August at Sensatori resort Riviera Maya, what about you??


Well the girls came round at the weekend to try on their dresses and they all looked amazing, they all just need the lengths taking up. Was so nice to see them all in the dress together. Hollie had her sizes taken last week and will get her dress in about 4 weeks cant wait to see that in the proper colours. She tried the shop on again she loves it so much she never wants to take it off.


mobile 023.jpg



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Originally Posted by marleydog View Post


Thanks Nicy,


Will send you a friends request on FB.  I cant believe it's come round so quickly for you.  xx


Got ya... did wonder for a sec who you were as i didnt recognise the name.... thank god your pic is the same as on here :-) xx


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Kind of had my first wedding dream (ish.... it was more a daydream, kind of thinking lay in bed half awake half asleep, does that count?).... as most of you know i havent had a wedding dream and feel slightly left out :-( anyway, i had to open my dress box on monday for a sneaky peek as it was running through my mind, i didnt actually see the woman put MY dress in MY box? I just had to make sure, i didnt get the dress out just opened and peeked.... PHEW mind at rest!!!! ITS MY DRESS!!! :-) x



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Aw Nicy so sorry to hear of your loss! I bet Stephen was glad he was there with her though to say goodbye! lots of love to you both x


I am out all weekend but i will try and get on here to wish you luck, dont want you going off without sending my love! Your prob the first person i spoke to on here all those month ago lol. 


Ha ha yeh i'd say that counts as a dream. I think i will check my box to when i get it hee hee... i had a wedding dream just last night. But not about my wedding about the royal wedding??? WTF, i'm not even interested in it ha ha.. i only wanna see her dress :o) i'm a complete weirdo! lol x

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Hi everyone! Well I have been without internet for a while.... which makes planning things difficult. Haha, who am I kidding?!... I havenâ€t been too good on the planning stage. I figured Iâ€d set myself some little goals... not getting married until June 2012 anyway....

So I thought, the dress.... what kind of thing do I want?... what will suit for a Cuban beach?.... I have NO idea!!

Anyhoo, I feel totally out the loop now, and a wee bit like MarleyDog, I do sometimes feel like I would be cutting in on a conversation when everyone knows each other so well.... but I think Iâ€ve briefly caught up... a bit...


@Nicyx, so so sorry to hear about Stephenâ€s Gran! Such sad news. I lost my gran at the end of last year, and so trying to plan everything without her is just really hard! Canâ€t believe your wedding is next Friday!! Soooo exciting! Hope everything goes well for you! J  Iâ€m going to make a cuppa and sit down and read your planning thread hehe.


@Waybuloo, WELL DONE on losing all that weight! What an inspiration. I have to knuckle down. Iâ€m sitting at 13 and a half stone... biggest I have ever been, although with my height Iâ€m a size 12/14... but a wee size 10 would do me nicely!!! Hehe.


@Michelle2011, your nails look lovely! Goodness I hadnâ€t even thought about nails... I think I need to make a list!!! So sorry you lost lots of your wedding stuff though, thatâ€s just horrible! L


@Gom4good, I have been exercising lots too and my weight isnâ€t changing. I like to tell myself that it is because Iâ€m building muscle... as opposed to the fact Ive still been eating takeaways! L Humph! I need more will power.


@Char79uk, so sorry to hear about the sad news for your brother, his girlfriend and all the families concerned! Iâ€ve never heard of that before! L


@Lyndsey, eeeee you head to Mexico so soon. Very exciting!!!


@Sam, those dresses are lovely, and topaz blue will be stunning! Looking forward to pics.


@MarleyDog, I LOVE the dresses and the wee bags. Where did you get the bags made up? (Apologies if you have mentioned it elsewhere.. Iâ€ve been frantically trying to catch up haha)

Iâ€m with a couple of you on the issues over bridesmaids etc. As we decided to have quite a small wedding, with a very small wedding party, I have my best friend as my bridesmaid and FH has his best mate as his best man. Because I didnâ€t ask FSIL to be a bridesmaid, nor ask for her 2 yr old son to be a page boy, they have went in a huff! Makes things a bit awkward....


@Michelle, I can definitely sympathise with the MIL.


Phew... I think I might have finally caught up haha.


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Hi ya Ashley, welcome back hun,


I think you can have any dress you want, go and try on different styles, I thought i'd go for a plain ish dress with a a line skirt but mine is the complete opposite. As soon as you find the style you like and suits you, you are on the right road. I just think no matter what dress you get if it is full length you are gonna be hot wheather its a big dress or straight so just go with what makes you feel like a princess for your day :o)


That is exactly why i fell out with my MIL, cos i didn't ask SIL to be bridesmaid, but tough, we dont talk now and to much has gone on to make up so we just avoid each other and deal with it. Weddings really do bring out the monsters in people. Do what you want. Its YOUR wedding, let them have the huff they will get over it x


Oooo i just looked at the club we are going to on Saturday night for my hen after the spa day and they have put in a new 80's rewind bar, looks wicked and Danny Dyer is there this sat... roll on the photos hee hee ;o)

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Nicy - So sorry to hear about Stephen's gran sad.gif xx


Not long to go now xxxxx


Ashley - I agree with Michelle originally I thought I would go for a simple dress and ended up the complete opposite but I just love my dress, you will know when you try it on I thought everyone was crazy when they were telling me this but it is true!!! Good luck finding the ONE...... 


Herbie - Loving the dresses they are LUSH everyone looks sooooo  pretty...x


Michelle - Can't wait to see the pics of your hen night hun xxxx

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