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Ive had a busy morning trying to make my invitations, i like the idea of doing the boarding cards, i have designed the case to hold them just need to design the actual invites now. Has anyone else made their own invites?



Ooooo, i made my invites, nothing as posh as the bording passes or the other fab stuff the girls on here do but i made them all the same... Fun, Fun, Fun.... :-) I now make all bday/ occassion cards, i love it x

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Shame you can't keep the bag for another occassion :o(


Herbie a few have made their own. Nicy defo has. I have to do mine still :o)


My side tiara came today. What do you think?










That is gorgeous Michelle, where did you get it? I want something like that but not a tiara but a comb :-) x Thats so sexy x

Originally Posted by herbie76 View Post


How far in advance have poeple sent out their invitations?


I sent mine out in May when we booked our wedding But i know that was early!!!! x


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Michelle.....Love the tiara think it will look gorgous


I am not sending invites out for the actual wedding i did a facebook group for those who we wanted to join us :) will be giving invites for the AHR though.


I lost 1/2 a pound at slimming world tonight after a couple of weeks of gaining i see it as an improvement so hoping it carry's on.


Vicki x

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