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Roo I can't believe I am actually considering a FYO shoot after reading your posts & looking on their site!! I would normally say never in a million years would I do that as am so body conscious & not confident but I think you have almost convinced me!!  & I know Richard will love it!!.....oooh feel a bit excited about it!!  OMG nervous & haven't even booked it!!....hahahahah

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Girls im gunna rant like ive never ranted before

Last night josh(18) sam(21) and Joshs girlfriend went into maidstone to a leaving do for friends who are flying of to oz.

Lots of fun was had until Josh went into the loo was having a wee when one of Sams friends came in and wacked josh on the leg with his willy yep you read that right WTF.Im surprized that Josh didnt punch him there and then.Anyway Sam ashley another friend and Josh started flicking water at the culprit who then escaped to the toilet where they continued to splash water over the door.

He left the cubicle spotted a bucket of water and Sam made a quick exit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh ended up being covered with what can only be discribed with a bucket full of pee.Josh wouldnt except his opology and went into the ladies toilet after rinsing his face and hands etc to dry himself off as the mens hand drier was broken.All the girls were gagging cos he stunk.

To top it off his new blackberry phone wont work now and his new ralph shirt and his trousers stink like an old peoples home.

Somehow Josh had managed to ring Pauls phone without nowing so at half two this morning Paul hands me the phone i can hear raised voices i can hear Sam but Josh isnt speaking to me im shaking like a leaf by now i hand Paul the phone who by now is awake and ask him to listen whilst i ring sam who dosent answer.Finally i ring Joshs girlfriend who tells me a little bit and passes Josh the phone.He says hes sorry and hes angry but hes gong to get in a cab

Im gutted his phone is broken i washed his ralph shirt and thats fine but Josh dosent think his phone will be covered on the insurance

Then i get up this morning and the bath tap has leaked and theres a huge hole/bubble/crack in the ceiling in the hall.Luckily all our paperwork escaped the water ive had it all together on a little shelf at the bottom of the stairs since it all came back legalized.How it escaped i dont know

On another sour note ive started my period today luckily it only lasts 3/4 days(mirena coil)

BUT ever the optomist my glass is always half full lol i met a friend in town who moved away last October she rang me and asked to meet up and she bought us a wedding present.I really thought we wouldnt recieve gifts but yay we have.

Tomorrow im gunna start the packing and post part two of my planning thread Paul had problems with the camera

My nerves are shot to shit im deffo gunna be opening a bottle of rose tonight.

Thanks girls i feel better now.(if i keep saying it it may come true)

Oh i took Pauls ted baker swimmers back today got him the same pair but they were in the sale wif 20% off so i got Josh a pair of yellow Ralphs to cheer him up and only had to pay £6.00

I hope all you girlies are having a better day than me lol

Im not going to check what ive written knowing my bleeding luck ill loose everything sooo if theres errors sorry lol

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Girls a major panic took place here less than half an hour ago Sam couldnt find his passport.After much searching its found thank f...

I think ill be drinking the rose straight from the bottle.Just gotta get through tomorrow when there playing football and hope noone ends up in the hospital.

I really wont be surprized if i get a call.

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roo, I love love love coming on here to you :-)


I know its not funny but i love the way you tell your "mishaps"

ARGH!!!!! all this just befor e you leave aswel!!

Your poor son :-( Hope he is ok.... them nasty girs laughing too, BUT his willy... what a "F"in freak..... Im suprised he didnt lamp him either....


I do hope your day has got better?






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Ive just posted part two of my planning thread happy viewing.

Nicy they were wretching he stunk sooooo bad im surprized the taxi driver let him in.

Im off now to a friends and im gunna be on the rose nighty nite xxx

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girls ive been awake since five this morning.Im about to plug the iron in and get a little more organized.I think i may of lost some weight yay!!!!!

The rose(bottle) helped remove the tension.Ive offered to take Paula to get her eyebrows threaded this morning so ive got time to pack.

Oh just  a heads up we have a little boy coming to our wedding and i wanted to get him something to play with after all he cant eat jelly beans!!!!!!! I found a little horse carriage bride groom and bridesmaid in the early learning centre.Im hoping it will buy his mum and dad(greek) and very good looking time to eat

Woops did i say that lol



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Omg Roo your packing!!! how bloody exciting! I can't wait to be at that stage. Just read the second half of your planning thread! Great Job! You have some lovely things and i cant wait to see your pix when your back! :o)

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Thanks Michelle

Lets just say its all ironed.Now can anyone answer me this question does the steam iron make you sneeze and make your nose run?I couldnt possibly be getting a cold cold i?

This packing is going to be like a military operation lol theres so much to get in lol

Just a ikle thing to make you smile.

I called around to Paul yesterday as i normally do whilst hes at work.

I said you need to get your wig cut(hair) it looks like a wig when its to long and oh whilst your in town you can pick up the euros.Arms flapping he goes"OHHH ive got so much to do i havnt even packed"

Ive got all this work to get done i thought you were getting the euros.

To which he got this reply

"NOOOOOOO your getting the euros you havnt packed!!!!!!!!!!! ive got to pack for me your children and our wedding apart from trying on your suit and downloading 6/7 songs and posting the legal work thats it for you.

So hes getting the euros lol and hes weedkilling the patio cos ive been at him all week to do it oh and hes gunna pack.BUT we all know ill be there supervising cos this man went to the maldives with no boxers and to the dominican with no swimmers lol

That said in six days i marry my bestest friend and the love of my life

Girls ive just picked up the print out of our wedding ceremony ive put together

Here are our vows


I maria take you Paul to be my husband

my partner in life and my one true love.

I vow to laugh with you,cry with you and have fun with you.Iwill love you when we are together and when we are apart,When i am proud of you and when i am dissappointed in you.I vow to support you in your dreams and to respect our differences,to love and be by your side all the days and nights of our lives.


I Paul take you Maria to be my wife.

my partner in life and my one true love.

you are my best friend and everlasting love

You are my best friend and everlasting companion.Whatever road we travel down,i will always be by your side.From the first day i laid eyes on you i knew you were the one.So beautiful then and even more beautiful now.Never in my life have i been happier as i am at this very moment.

You are my forever love.

Gotta just say i found wedding vows by googling and i showed them to Paul and we both choose which ones we wanted BUT both guessed which ones each other picked.

Right im outta here things to do lol

Happy weekend girlies x
































































































































































































































































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Just popping in, were suposed to be going ring shopping today, if i can get him out of bed.............Im sure he does it on purpose!! LOL x

Watch this space x


How exciting roo... Cant believe its here for you... :-)


Love your vows brought a lump in my throat and a tear to my eye.... lovely x


Weddings alwyas make me cry!!! :-) xox

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Hi everyone i'm pretty new to this site, but we're hoping to marry next November at the Gran Bahia Principe and looking to book with either thomas cook or tropicalcolection.co.uk!! its great reading the forums seeing those who are due to get married soon and those like me just starting out!! hope to learn alot form you guys!!



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