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Michelle i looked at glitzy secrets and almost ordered a side tiara there are some fab things on there.I think ive left it to late to order anything now.Which one did you like the most.Someone was selling theres on ebay which drew me to the website.

Wahooo Michelle you really are on a roll. x

The last of my purchases arrived yesterday three pints of petals.They were expensive but i ordered hot pink bouginvillia from The real flower petal company.com.I ordered them wednesday morning and they were here yesterday.They are fab

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That absolutely sucks - Imagine if you were only out there for a week then what?!

Originally Posted by *lyndsey* View Post

we are also having songbird for walking down the aisle....its so lovely!


my turn for a rant!!!

ok so we booked in May (the day after the brochures were released) and it took around 5 weeks for the wedding package to arrive so we completed & signed and returned it the next day. then we waited.....and waited....and waited! I have been ringing the thomsons wedding line about once a week and when I got in from work today I decided to ring again and demand for something to be done. the confirmation wedding date should have taken 6-8 weeks and its been 9. anyway i rang and spoke to a lovely girl who rang the resort directly whilst i was on the other line. We fly out on 6th may so we had requested any dates from 12-15th may.


I was so devastated. the earliest date we have been offered is 17th may which is our day 11. i almost cried on the phone i was so upset as we were looking forward to having a nice week chilling after the wedding.

Then my other half got in and we discussed it and the only other option is to change the date we fly out by 1 week but as we have 40 guests this would not be easy! so we have decided that we will stick with the date. it just means a week of partying before we get married. sorry for the rant but had to get it off my chest when we booked we were basically told that we were guaranteed the date we wanted as we were first to book! aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xx

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Vicky - Hope you get the job hun, I have everything crossed for you xx


Waybuloo - you are so funny, the amount of times i've been pissed and decided to get on FB and start chatting, then wake up in the morning thinking WTF was I talking about...lol


I think a knees up with all our dresses is a fab idea, we should definitely look into doing it.

I will be walking down the aisle to Canon in D too, but like you cannot decide between violin or harp, although i'm swaying towards violin.


I absolutely love Endless Love but the original with Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie, I always thought that would be my first dance song, but mine and FI's first ever slow dance was to All My Life by Kci and JoJo...so that's the one now, it just sums up everything I feel. 


I also want Songbird by Eva Cassidy somewhere in the ceremony, it makes me cry every time I hear it.

Michelle - yippee your dress is ordered...so exciting!!



Lyndsey - OMG, I can't believe they have done this to you, surely they can give you some sort of compensation in the form of an upgrade or complimentary something....on the plus side you have a wedding date booked!!  What hotel are you having your wedding at?



Josie - I don't know how you are remaining so calm i would be going mental by now...hopefully they'll have a date for you soon xx

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hi everyone!

thanks for all of yuor kind words i have completely calmed down after my rant yesterday. i guess we should just be pleased we have a date and are getting married at an amazing venue! (see how i'm trying to convince myself!!)

we are getting married at sensatori.

what are all of your husband to be's wearing? mine is wanting trousers shirt and waistcoat which i think will be nice even though it will be VERY hot! just wondering what you are all doing as his parents keep pulling  a face and suggesting a linen suit!x

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OH MY GOD, Only been away 1 and a half nights and thee are pages to catch up on...... Bed at 8ish last night, not well, and a bday meal for a work collegue after work tonight....


just one thing to let you know first, before i catch up...



We made the final payment on the wedding/holiday today!! WHOO....

The massive thing ticked off... £40 quid left in the savings now for some mre serious saving and the fun can reall begin :-) My dress (october) We going to look at Rings on bank hol weekend :-) But prob buy in November? unless there are some fab bank hol prices!!!! xox


Cant believe i have so much to catch up on......


Quick note from what i can remember from scanning...


Michelle... WHOO on the dress front :-)


Everyone here is having TA probs by the sounds of it... im glad i have booked through the TA as i have that extra piece of mind of volcanos, or anything else that could get in the way... but like Josie, i was more P'd off with the lie's that the TA told more than anything else... never heard so much BullS**t in all my life... dont have to deal with them any more thank god..... not until 2 weeks before we go just to bob in for the tickets!!!


OMG... We havent even thought once about songs :-( AND i must be a deprived child as i had to youtibe "songbird" I have never heard it before??!!! Hmmmmmm!!


Lyndsey... My FI is wearing a kilt..... Well that is 99% as were a bit conderned about weight.... yes it will be hot but he will only wear jacket for ceremony and then one or 2 pix then he can take it off and get comfey!!!! Its about 10kg i think, but to be honest we get 7kg standard for hand luggage and an extra 5kg each as bride and groom to use as carry on or hold luggage so we may be ok... :-) x



OK going to grad a cuppa and catch up properly........................... xoxo

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Nicy - whooo hoooo you've paid up!! That is excellent! We still have ££££'s to pay :o(... i need a lottery win. ha ha


Lynsey my FI is wearing a lightweight suit out of next (no waistcoat) and just an open collar fitted shirt. I did look at linen but i'm not a big fan and i dont think they photograph well. He will wear the jacket for the ceremony and a few photos and then take it off and just be in shirt and trousers. (he tried it on the other day and looks so nice it got me choked up).. my son is wearing the same trousers to the suit and the waistcoat with no jacket. I wouldn't expect a 13yr to wear a full suit but wanted him to look similar to FI as he is giving me away.


Our friends got married out there last Sept and Mark wore trousers and a waistcoat and it was lovely. He was hot but not overly hot and the photos looked great :o) Sod the parents do what you both want ha ha x

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Morning girls


everyone ok today? i am going to attempt to post my review today. does anyone know how many photo's you can post per post? i am preparing it in word, with links, then will copy and paste! x

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Louise...Looking forward to reading your review and seeing all your lovely pics :-)


Nicy...Fab news that your all paid up you and don't have to think about that side of things and you can focus on the more finer details :-)


Well a bit confused regarding the job i went for, the interview went well and then i went in yesterday for a 1 hour trial which i personally felt went ok however the lady said she would give me a call later yesterday which i never recieved so bit gutted maybe i will hear from them today, if not will keep on searching :-( will let you know how i go.


On a good note i have bought my 3 bridesmaids the pashminas for the gift bags and the first pair of bridesmaid sandals waiting for them to be delivered if they are what i want i am going to order the rest (got them from ebay :-) )


Vicki x

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