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Men's JCrew Suit for sale??

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Since I noticed there are a few dresses for sale on here, I was wondering if your guys are selling their suits?


I am having such a hard time finding a suit that I like, and the season is pretty much over, so I thought a used one might be a last resort...


Trace wants a light colored suit- not linen that is a 42L jacket, 36" waist, and no pleats or cuffs on the pants....


J.Crew had the perfect one- the Italian Chino jacket and pant, but they are out of the pants...

Any advicehuh.gif

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Originally Posted by leigh miller View Post
we got ryan a great suit yesterday at banana republic. nice tan color not linen. and on sale. they had a ton of them.
Off the internet? I looked and did not see any. I live in Minnesota, so the local stores are switching to their fall season clothing already!! sad.gif

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