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Restaurant Satay on island Isla Mujeres *Review*

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That is if you are bringing a lot of people.


This was by far our worst experience of our entire trip. We got married on 4/22 and we ate there on 4/20. It was a Tuesday and there werent that many people in the restaurant at all. We had 12 people in our group and because we were more than 4, they sat us upstairs which was perfect. There was no one up there and it was totally private.


The waiters came and greeted us (there were 2 servers for our group) and were very pleasant. They came with bottles of water and opened them and poured them for us. They went around the table and took drink orders...............


1 hour later, we actually saw those drinks. Sometime inbetween, we actually ordered our food and at about 1 hour 45 mins of waiting, we saw our food. We asked multiple times what the delay was. We were told it was coming and to please be patient. We asked multiple times about our drinks as well and when those were coming. Some of us just ordered a can of pop and that didnt come. They explained that they would bring everything out together when the drinks were ready. Same with the food. If 1 item was delayed, everything would get delayed.


We ordered salmon sushi rolls and we were presented with Tuna. The entire experience was awful.


And then it got worse. When the bills came, they charged us for the bottles of water that we were served. At no point were we asked if we would like some water and just so you know, we will charge you for it. Nope. We were given the water and then charged. It was almost a slap in the face because we had waited so long for all of it. We then asked to talk to a manager. The manager came and said this word for word, "Did you order the food? Did you like the food? Well then you will pay for the food." Talk about the worst service ever. The poor waiters were so kind and accommodating but the manager was more than awful. He ended up removing the 1 roll from our bill because it was wrong but did not do anything for anyone else. He should have just said tough SH*T.


If I were you, I wouldnt step foot in this place. It is a shame too because it is connected to a 5 star hotel which is so beautiful.

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