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Hey girlies!

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Hey eveyone,


My name is Emily. I got engaged in March and am planning our wedding for March 12th 2011 (one year from when we got engaged and two years from when we became a couple) Im from the UK and he is American so we are having to go down the fiance visa route...ugh. We both wanted a beach wedding but obviously being tied to america with this visa we were limited with options for beautiful secluded beaches and have decided on puerto rico, he is puerto rican too so it all ties in nicely. We have decided on the puerto rican island of vieques so any help or information anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks all.

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Hi Emily,


Here are some links that might help with your upcoming wedding here in Vieques. www.vieques-island.com and www.weddingsinvieques.com if you think you maight want a makeup artist you can also chexk out www.michele-franco.com . That would be me! If you have any questions about Vieques, let me know I live here full time and my husband and I got married here in 2002! 



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