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Just Married - Review of Vendors


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I was a 7-7-07 bride and we just recently got back from Cabo and everything turned out better than expected. Everyone's reviews were so helpful to me that I wanted to make sure I posted my experience and hope that is's helpful to someone else. Here it is:


Welcome Dinner: We did our welcome dinner at Margarittavilla. It was 21 of us in all. The food was great. Our reserved area was on the 2nd floor on the terrace overlooking the marina. The weather was picture perfect. The margaritta's were fantastic and they came in these huge glasses. What was important for my welcome dinner was that we have some entertainment. It was difficult for me to find a Fiesta on a Friday night (go figure), but Margarittavilla has a Marachi band that plays on Friday and Saturday night. The band normally goes around to different sections of the restaurant and plays. The staff had them start on 2nd floor since it was my group and another group. They were awesome. We had a blast.



Cabo San Lucas Inn - Some of our guest stayed here. It is the cutiest, quaint little place. My guest loved it sooooo much. Armondo and Brenda were so accomodating. They went out of there way everyday to make sure my guest were taking care of. We had the entire inn booked, and breakfast was provided for them. (Not to be confused with the Cabo Inn)


Los Milagros - The rest of our guest stayed here. They described it as a little oasis. It was quiet clean, and affordable. Sandy was very nice to our guest.


Caterers - We used Browns Private Service. Nadia and her husband were so sweet. Not only that. They responded so quick to every question I had. I had trouble keeping up in my email. I loved it because that is not the norm for Mexico. They were actually extremely reasonable. We had 2 chefs, 2 chef helpers, 2 waiters, and 1 bartender, tables, chairs dishes,food, round-trip transportation for my guest to be picked up from their hotels to be taken to San Jose came to $2000. It didn't include the tip or alcohol. We purchased our own alcohol. The food was exceptional. At the last minute I told them I wanted a salad, but forgot to mention what kind of salad dressing to get. I asked if the chef could make a homemade salad. It was to die for. He created this parmesean crust thing and made a circular form and put the salad inside. Everyone loved it. We had grilled snapper, yellow rice, grilled vegetables, and polenta. Those that didn't want fish had tarragon chicken. Not a morsel was left on anyone's plate. The service was excellent.


Wedding - We had our wedding at Villa de la Torre in San Jose. We were the first to have our wedding at this Villa. I was disappointed because I couldn't afford a Villa in Cabo, but when I arrived that feeling vanished quickly. It was nice. The grounds were perfect. The owners came by to make sure everything was ok the day before the wedding and the day of the wedding. The weather was picture perfect. It was a blast.


DJ - We used DJ Mijares. What a sweetie pie. Our first night, we stayed at the El Encanto Inn which was adorable as well. Anyway, we checked out Thursday morning so we could check in to the Villa on Thursday afternoon. I rented the villa through Earth, Sea, and Sky and had mix-up after mix-up. The owner tracked us down at the El Encanto Inn to arrange a check-in time. Once we arrived that afternoon, the DJ tracked us down as well. We were going to call him once we got situated at the Villa but he didn't know that so he went to the El Encanto Inn looking for us and they told him we checked out so he went in search for the Villa and was there when we arrived. He wanted to make sure he had a chance to meet with us prior to the wedding day to talk about the music we wanted. We arranged for him to come that Friday morning and Saturday he let loose. He got a feel for the type of musice we wanted so we didn't have to have a list of every single song to play. He was soooo good. Not only that he told us in the meeting that he played the guitar so we asked him if he would play. He said he would and he wouldn't charge additional for it. It was great.


Make-up - I used Suzanne Morel. She was awesome. It was a tight squeeze since 7-7-07 was so busy but she did it, and we looked fabulous.


Photographer - I used Fabian Espinosa. He came at his appointed time and seemed to be getting a lot of versatile pictures. Once I get them back, I'll post them.


Hopefully, this is helpful to someone. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with. Everyone was so pleasant and professional. I didn't do a trip visit so I was truly blessed. It wasn't as stressful as I thought it was going to be and that night after everyone was gone my husband said I want to do it again. We were both so very happy.

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