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Did u know dresses were traditionally black until the death of Queen Victoria in 1907

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I sure didn't, check out this link. There is a collection of old black and white photos (which I love) and it shows how the dress styles have changed throughout the years.




"Up until the death of Queen Victoria in 1907, the traditional color for a wedding gown was often black, not white. Only the wealthiest could afford a white gown that they would probably never wear again. Of course, whenever you had your photo taken, the photographer would say "Don't smile. Look serious." You would have to hold the pose for as long as the camera lens was uncovered, which could vary from several seconds to half a minute. Notice how young the bride looks in the face, and then look at her hands. She must have worked very hard. The sleeves and hair style indicate that this picture was taken in the early to mid-1890's."



Click the image to open in full size.

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she says she totally regrets it now!!


Sarah Jessica Parker told Marie Claire that she regrets only one fashion choice - wearing a black wedding gown. "I wore black on my wedding day, and I really regret that," the Sex and the City alum says. "I was too embarrassed to get married in white, and both Matthew and I were reluctant to have people pay so much attention to us. Which is ridiculous, because that's when you can relish the attention, when it's natural. We treated it like it was a big party on a Monday night, and I regret it." Parker also discusses being a good wife and mom, saying, "I fall short of being good at both, not infrequently, but I assume it's like golf. You can never master it, and you're in competition with yourself. With my son, it's constantly learning, failing, triumphing, being befuddled and totally in love."

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