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Moon Palace/ Cancun April 17, 2010/ Review

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#1 jo&delo2010

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    Posted 27 April 2010 - 03:12 AM

    Vistaprint.com I made Itinerarys for everyone in their welcome bags..so they would know where we would be if they wanted to hang out with us. I also made post cards with a welcome message. everything I got for them for free! I just paid shipping.

    Our welcome bags we got on sale at walmart for $2. I then went to the Dollar tree and got banna boat sunscreen, Aloe, tums, tylenol, band aids, lip balm, air heads, gum, mints, shout wipes, lent pad, drinks for dummies pocket edition(from target $1). I tied everything with ribbon to make it look nice! I need to find a pic to post.

    On our arrival we went straight out the airport doors and there was the lady with the moon palace sign. We gave her our confirmation printed out paper and off we went to the hotel. You do have to go through customs way before that...we didnt get checked! Thank the Lord!

    When we arrived at the hotel, everyone was so friendly! I even got a flower :) Our room was ready early so we went to unpack, since it was like a hurricane outside. The room was very nice and clean and even had bio silk products. The big size of shampoo, body lotion, bath bubbles and conditioner. The mini fridge was packed with bottled water, soda and juice. Don't forget the liquor dispenser :) They do not have prem. in the room which was a disappointment to his side of the family. They love black label but they did had it at most of the bars. Now if you want to be picky the furniture was a bit scratched and not in perfect condition. But I really did'nt care as long as it was clean.

    I also had my dressed steamed which you need to have done as soon as you arrive. You take it to the wedding department and they will have it sent to your room by your wedding date. It was $36

    Some of the family (because they booked late) had to stay at the sunrise section. The sunrise section is where the club is and is more crowded. We stayed at Nizuc which was more family oriented. His family had a hard time the day of the wedding getting to our side and the flower girl almost missed the wedding because the bus took to long. Her mom had to pay someone to take them to Nizuc. Thank God I changed their salon appointments to their side (sunrise) or I would have never seen them at the wedding.

    To me ... and the rest of the picky family..the food was great! I gained 10 lbs to prove it :) Also each guest received a $50 spa credit which I wish I had known in advance to make myself an appointment. So you could basically get an hour massage for $79. Several of our guests took advantage of the spa credit and said it was a wonderful experience!

    On thursday am I met with Dolores for a trial hair appointment...it was perfect! The cost of my beauty was $158. That was for trial hair up do, up do on wedding day , my make -up, and manicure.

    His manicure was $23

    Then we wen to see the WC (rosy lily sanchez perez) She was very organized! Lily had all the pictures I emailed to her on a desktop file (even though I had brought copies). She also had a form that went over all the details of the event. I also took her my suitcase filled with battery operated tea lights, glass votives, our picture frame to be signed etc. She took everything out and seemed to understand how everything needed to be placed.

    Now I forgot to tell her I wanted here comes the bride when I walked down the aisle...i told them last minute and they played the one when you leave. Nobody noticed till we watched the video...lol Since we had the diamond package we choose the saxs and lily gave us the panio/key board as well.

    I ordered a lot of items from save on crafts! Great place for stuff! I bought bouquet gems, battery operated tea lights, silk flower toss bouquet, the ribbon in my colors,etc. Save on Crafts, Wedding Supplies, Flowers, Tulle, Lights, Decorations & Discount Craft Supplies Save-on-crafts

    The flower girls tutu/ She made it to match my flowers - lilyannaforgirls.com

    Wedding-Veils | Bridal Veils | Tiaras | Veils | Wedding Accessories | Wedding Cake Toppers | Wedding Favors | Inexpensive Wedding Veils | Bridal Jewelry | Bridal Shoes | Wedding Headpieces | Bridal Headpieces | Custom Veils | Flower Girl Headpieces | - I got my wedding veil for like $48! It was perfect just what I wanted.

    I had hankies made for abuela and his mom at:
    To see more samples of my work on FaceBook, copy and paste this link to your browser. Common Thread Cottage | Facebook

    She has an etsy.com store. She made my flower girl basket and ring pillow. She also worked with my budget. She isnt cheap - the quality was incredible. $98 for both
    Blog: Emici Bridal
    Twitter: Emici Bridal (EmiciBridal) on Twitter

    Personalized Engraved Wedding Guest Book, Signature Frame & Mat, Engraved Tray & Platters - our picture frame to be signed...they also have silver platters!

    Honeymoon Wishes - Honeymoon Bridal Registry your wedding gift is the perfect honeymoon - we used this instead of a traditional registry. It basically gives you cash and you can do what you want with it...but the gift givers dont know that :) Classy way of asking for cash.

    Wedding Invitations, Favors & Accessories at Exclusively Weddings - sterling Silver Bouquet Charm - in the memorial items section. I used it so my mom could be with me on my special day. $34.95

    My silk flowers for bridesmaids and jr. - Realistic Silk Wedding Flowers, Natural Touch and Silk Bridal Bouquets
    I sent stephanie pictures and everything matched pretty close.
    I bought 3 bridesmaids boquets, maid of honor was bigger and I added orchaids to hers, 2 corsages, a kissing ball/pompander, 5 extra peonies for other stuff I had made...and it was less then $200.

    Our photographs were by David Pena -www.davidpenaweddings.com
    We paid the upgraded package $1,640 and I will say the photos are great! He doesn't talk much but I was really happy with his work! You do have to request him and upgrade.

    The best excursion we did was xcaret plus... $238 for 2 people. Its an all day event and we were dead tired by 6 pm. We paid $45 extra to take a cab back to the resort.

    Right now mexico/cancun is not that safe! Only take cabs from the resort and don't wonder on the beach at night. We know of someone who got robbed last month. I didnt take any of my real bling, except for our rings and I hid them well. I have been told stories of people just picking up the safes and walking off with them.There is so much to do at the resort that you don't need to leave. The security at the resort is top - notch! We did notice that there arent many camaras in the lobbys etc. So be safe and dont go alone to places, be safe! They also have a theme every night to go see..one night they had a circus, latin night etc.

    The staff also deserves tips even though it says they are included. The front desk will glady change your bills for singles.

    Room service was also wonderful - we took full advantage of it! Don't forget the little cafe with the sandwiches..yum yum

    It rained,,weds,,,thurs,,,friday,,,and then the sun came out! I thought I was safe! I went to the salon and had dolores fix my hair and make-up which came out just like the pics I took. For the make-up I googled MAC face charts and found the one i liked and bought all the stuff. I do make-up, facials etc. for a living and she did really good! Then lily came into the salon with bad news, the rain clouds were coming We would have to move the cocktail reception inside.

    The reason I chose to do a cocktail reception is because at my friends brothers wedding there, his mom told me there was so much food they did'nt want to go sit down and eat! They want to dance and have fun! So we at least got 10 rooms ( so i thought) and received an hour free...the other 2 hours would equal $600. Our wedding mass (catholic chapel) started at 6 pm -7 pm and we would take some pics and then off to the cocktail reception. You can only be outside until 10 pm so thats where we came up with the 3 hours. I hardly ever bothered lily that much...and let me tell you...I think it paid off because I don't think we had 10 rooms booked and we didnt pay for the additional cocktail hours. She also was very good about moving us inside for the back -up plan with the rain.

    The priest called us friday night and we met with him for an hour. He is such a nice man and our mass was absolutely beautiful.

    I choose the diamond package because I liked the decor it brought. The fireworks that went off when we did our first kiss ....every body cheered! The diamond package also included a dinner for 35. We used it thursday night instead and called it a welcome dinner. It was my mother in laws b-day so we had lily order her a choc. cake and they came out singing happy Birthday. Now they didnt remember about the cake because some one messed up! It took 30 min to get one ..but we did'nt get charged for it! We did our dinner at Arrecifes and it was great. Very similar to texas da brazil or el porque. They come around with different meat and you take small pieces of everything. The sides are in a buffet style setting.

    I started my nails at 12:30, then hair and makeup. I had to be ready at 5pm because we paid $150 for an extra hour of pictures. I was honestly ready by 4:15 with plenty of time to have a drink with the girls. Lily brought my bouquet and David Pena came at 5pm. They took the guests by covered golf cart to the chapel because of the rain. It stopped and I walked with my dad from behind a building(so no one could see me). I act. wasnt nervous at all. The rose petals down the aisle and for the guest to throw was $175

    I did my weeding programs with a friend of mine who is based in Miami.

    We paid $1,183. for the Dj who was so-so. We are from Miami so I guess I expected to much? I even gave him our favorite dj's pod cast website. He didnt do the prayer before we ate, and did'nt do the garter on the girl who caught bouquet etc. The music versions of the songs he had was off beat..except for the shots song by pitbull.lol

    I guess since my inside reception was last minute ..they taped the dance floor with masking tape. gross! It will def. be photo shopped out!!! She also didnt remember to sprinkle the diamonds around the tables. But I honestly gave her so much extra stuff that what can I expect.

    The CAKE! Haha

    Because of all the negative things i heared about the cakes on here, I didnt expect much at all! It looked just like the picture I had sent her except instead of fushia it was light baby pink and tilted..like it was going to fall over lol But it did taste good.

    Sorry that I cant spell but its 3am and I wanted to at least get something posted. I have no idea how to add pics on here..so request me on facebook. jblueyes27@yahoo.com / rebecca moyes

    I dont come on here that often and I would be happy to awns. any questions I can!
    Not even rain could ruin my wedding day!

    #2 blondy

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      Posted 27 April 2010 - 06:58 AM

      Thanks for the review!!
      We're getting married at Moon Palace Cancun on April 8, 2011!

      #3 danmarie

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        Posted 27 April 2010 - 07:53 AM

        Thanks for the detailed review- this is the hotel I am considering for my wedding. I really wish you could post pics- so I can see what the gazebo, etc. looks like. I don't have a facebook account.

        #4 snoopAsh

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          Posted 27 April 2010 - 09:38 AM

          Hey! I sent you a request on Facebook! :) I can't wait to see your pictures!

          May 29, 2010
          Cancun, Mexico

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            Posted 27 April 2010 - 09:51 AM

            Thank you for your review...Cannot wait to see your pictures!!!! I am also on Facebook, so if that is where you will be posting them, please let me know!
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              Posted 27 April 2010 - 10:09 AM

              Thanks for the review!
              28 Booked + Bride & Groom
              78 Room Nights!

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                Posted 27 April 2010 - 01:54 PM

                Thanks for the review. I always want to know what to expect.

                #8 evaleen

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                  Posted 28 April 2010 - 10:08 AM

                  that was such a great review! glad everything worked out so perfectly for you guys! is there any way you could post some pics

                  #9 Cindy*

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                    Posted 28 April 2010 - 10:37 AM

                    I am so glad everything went well. I know you had some family drama before the wedding but it sounds like everything worked out and you had a wonderful time, congrats. I will send you a fb request as I would love to see your pics.

                    #10 KGirl99

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                      Posted 29 April 2010 - 08:50 PM

                      Thanks for the review! I was able to get some more information.

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