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Recommendations for San Francisco?

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Hi everyone! DH and I are making a trip out to Napa and San Francisco in a few weeks. We've got the Napa portion of our trip planned but I could used some help for San Fran.


We want to do the touristy stuff like see the Bridge and Lombart St, etc. But what else? Any restaurant recommendations that won't break the bank? Thanks for your help!! cheesy.gif

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We Love San Fran! In fact, we wil be taking a trip down next month again! (We go every couple of months) If I had one recommendation, I would suggest booking a night tour of Alcatraz. You need to book now, as the evening tours fill quickly. The evening tour is hosted by a park ranger and its really fun, spooky, and overall educational & interesting! We had a blast!


And then the Wharf.. and make sure you look out for "Bush Man" :)

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I loved living in SF more than life! We were there for a year, but unfortunately, it was the year after FI finished up law school and passed the bar so we were living pretty um... cheaply!


Some fav restaurants though

In the Marina neighborhood:

A16-Italian (northern? not sure, but it's not pasta/red sauce italian if that makes sense)

Circa- great brunch and BOTTOMLESS mimosas on Sundays!

Pizza Orgasmica-yummmm- hit up that place way too many times after going out

Ace Wasabi- Sushi- get the sake bombs too!

Barney's- great burgers!

Cafe Maritime- fish fish fish

(haha, can you tell this is where we lived!)


In Northbeach:

Michaelangelos- italian- always pretty solid

Stinkin Rose- itialian- kind of commercially, but good food- and have to heart garlic

if you like hole in the wall bars- The saloon in northbeach is about as hole in the wall as it comes- but there's always great blues music and cheap drinks! We go every time we go and visit


Hayes Valley neighborhood:

Citizen Cupcake- YUMMY desserts- never had the food there, but this chef is amazing!


Also, if you're in union square/financial district area, ask where the French Quarter is. I don't remember streets, but it's this alley way that they have a few restaurants and you sit outside- one of the french ones is AMAZING- little pricey, but worth it!


Oh and the 39th floor bar- it's in the Marriott- GREAT views!



That's all I can remember-- there are lot of places I don't remember names to. Have fun!

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Take the F Line Street Car to Fisherman's Wharf and have a clam chower in a sourdough bowl at Boudin Bakery Welcome To Boudin Bakery. You can smell the bread on the street! mmm....Walk along the Wharf, stop at Pier 39 PIER 39 San Francisco's Premier Bay Attraction and look at the little shops there, and head to Pier 33 for the Acatrez tour. Get you ticket beforehand as more popular times get full. Bring a light jacket because its quite cold when it gets windy even if there's sun Alcatraz Island - Official Tickets Site - Guaranteed Lowest Price

There are tons of free maps and magazines along the Wharf, with coupons for tours and food, good to check out.


Lots to eat and look at in Union Square and Chinatown (Golden Gate Bakery has excellent Chinese pastries! Their egg tarts have been famous for years and years - always a line up & sells out before the end of the day on most days).


You can take the cable car around town to look through most the major tourist attractions. Wear comfy shoes for walking up and down the big hills.


i hope this helps you out! mmm...how i want a clam chowder......and an egg tart.....

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