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Confused about ROR Price regarding booze set up/drinks

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Terribly sorry if this has been discussed. Actually, I know it has been, but Im still confused. Can someone help clarify this for me? We leave in one week and Im really trying to straighten out the budget!


At dinner....are we charged $10 per person if we want alcohol besides wine? And the champagne that Im paying extra for? Whats that about?


So then at the reception on the beach later that evening-I have to pay another $15 per person as a fee for set up/private bar tending etc...I get that........but does that include drinks too? Or do I pay ANOTHER additional 10 bucks per person?

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TA Maureen,

I do apologize. Ive been here now over a year reading and researching and searching over n over myself-and I too get annoyed when I see people not taking the time to originally research like myself, and other brides did at the beginning. So your rant was completely understandable....we can delete tis thread...I was trying to figure out how.......... after reading the other threads there was something still not clicking with me...perhaps its my serious case of wedding brain.....


I truly appreciate you taking the time to reply. You've made it QUITE clear to me now-totally understand the pricing...lol...........that all I wanted....thank you again! lots n lots!

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