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  I didn't ask about the violinist but I did get a list of the harpist song list and maybe it could be the same songs they play? Otherwise, I hope this helps a bride that is looking for the harpist music list:

El Cannon En D
*La marcha nupcial
*Jesus Joy desiring of mans
*somewhere over the rainbow
*Aria en G

*el Ave maria
*Trumpet Voluntary
*here come the bride

*pomp y circumstance
*Por ti Volare (BOCHELLI)
*beautiful tonight (ERIK CLAPTON)
 *somewhere over the rainbow
*imagine (Lennon)

*how deep is your love (Bee Gees)

*Close To You (Carpenters)
               the Beatles
* Hey Jude
*let it be
*in my life
*besame mucho
*la vida en rosa
*love history
*Las hojas muertas
* Balada para adelina (PAUL SENEVILLE)
*Melissa (DI BLASIO)
*My Way (FRANK S) 
*yesterday once More (CARPENTERS)
*Killing my softly
*Candilejas (CHARLES CHAPLI)



Originally Posted by Amara3CUS View Post

Does anyone know or have a list of the ceremony song choices for the Catholic mass specifically? We have a violinst booked, but haven't been able to get a song list yet


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The prices start at $220.  This is the "basic" package, but it is more than just basic.  It comes with a mixing board, a microphone, a dual-DVD player, speakers, all of the cables, set-up and take-down, etc.

Originally Posted by lali333dance View Post

How much does it cost to rent their speakers if you bring your own IPOD?


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Originally Posted by Amara3CUS View Post


I haven't had much luck at all with Carlos...has anyone?


Send an email to Mauricio from PSAV. He responds super quickly and is really friendly. I posted their price list on the Wiki. I think we paid $230 for the speaker and mic. It was definitely loud enough for our group of 30, you could hear the music in the next section over. We didn't confirm wanting the speaker system until the day before our wedding and they managed to find someone even though it was a holiday.


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Aren't there 2 dj services to choose from? Which one is less expensive and are they worth it?


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This is so great! I actually have a HUGE list of questions I just emailed to Janina, and I will post them as soon as I get a response...so maybe next year! Haha!

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Hi there!  I have been looking at this thread for a while and it has totally helped me.  Thank you so much ladies, for posting on here! 


I just had some of my questions answered by my coordinator in Miami, Geraldine Flores, and I thought I'd post them here in case you ladies find any of it helpful. I would strongly suggest that brides who are about to sign their contracts and book their date ask their wedding coordinator about eliminating the outside vendor part in the contract like I requested below. Even though she denied it (which I thought she would), now I have in writing that I only need to pay for a day pass for our photographer, saving us several hundred dollars in paying for a night for him!


My initial questions are in black. Her responses are in blue. Then, I responded to her again in red, and her next answers to those are in purple! (Some of the words combined for some reason when I pasted it in here - hope it's clear!) I hope this helps someone! :)


2) We would like the line in the contract that says "Outside vendorservices.... are not permitted on premises" to be changed or eliminated toallow outside vendors. Please be advised that this line cannot be eliminated from the contract, the only outsidevendor that the onsite wedding coordinator would allow will be thephotographer, everything else will be with our vendors. Okay. Doesthis mean our outside vendor photographer could be on premises for free orwould we need to purchase a day pass? Pleasebe advised that you will need to purchase a day pass of the photographer.


3) We do not have to put any money down in order to book a complimentary weddingpackage, correct? Now that we're doing a symbolic ceremony, does the $300still apply? Will our contract reflect this? Would we be able tobring our own officiant from home? Pleasebe advised that there is no deposit required if you change your wedding tosymbolic, due to it is a complementary wedding. Please be informed that you maybring your own minister, if so please let me know and we will not submit a requestfor ours. Please remember that if your minister does not make it the weddingwill not be performed as our minister has to be confirmed in advance. Is there a charge to use your minister uponthe day of the wedding? ($300?) What are the translation fees for documents? Please be advised that for a minister there is no fee asthere is no paper work. Please be informed that there is a fee if you requestfor a judge and do a civil ceremony, legally binding.


4) Are we able to reserve a beach wedding for our time slot already and get this in writing in the contract? Please be advised that the location of the ceremony is reserved with your onsite wedding coordinator. Please be informed that it cannot be added to the contract as we do not handle the wedding details and locations. Our contract is to confirm the date, time, property and wedding collection.


5) If we do a room block through my parents' membership, do we need to put any money down for this room block? If not, could we have this in writing in the contract? Please be advised that there is not deposit required for the room block. Once we have a signed contract, you will need to let me know about how many rooms you would like for me to hold, so I can request a reservation link form the technicians in Mexico so your guests can make their room reservations at their own time. This link will be available to you and your guests up to 2 months prior to arrival.This is not added to the contract as the contract does not relate to the rooms, just ceremony.


6) Are the Resort Credits (listed below) still available to us (bride and groom) and our guests if we book using our parents' membership? Could our contract reflect this please?

- $2000 for 9 or more nights

- $1500 Resort Credit per room for stay of 5 or more nights

- $750 Resort Credit per room for stays of 4 nights

- $500 Resort Credit for stays of 3 nights


Please be advised that in order for you and your guests to qualify for the resort credits all rooms need to be confirmed with full payment by December 15, 2011 to be able to qualify. Any rooms confirmed after this date will not qualify for the resort credit.This is not added to the contract as the contract does not relate to the rooms, just ceremony.


7) Could our contract please list in writing the Added Values program for weddings? When would we be refunded any money we've put down towards our room (bride and groom) if we qualify for complimentary nights? Could our contract have this in writing also, please?

-15 room nights:Complimentary cocktail (hour?) after ceremony

-30 room nights:Complimentary cocktail (hour?) after ceremony, 2 complimentary nights for bride & groom (+$20 per night)

-60 room nights:Complimentary cocktail (hour?) after ceremony OR complimentary upgrade to private function, 4

complimentary nights for bride & groom (+$20 per night)

-75 room nights: Unlimited private functions, 7 complimentary nights for bride & groom, complimentary room upgrade for bride

& groom


Please be advised that the refund for the comp nights is handled by the auditors at the property, as I have mentioned before the contract is only to confirm your ceremony. The refund should be received by you within 6 to 8 weeks of your ceremony.


8) As a request, we would like to not have Father Benito as our officiant/judge if we do use a Moon Palace judge. Is this possible? Please be advised that Father Benito is a priest and not a judge. Our judge cannot be substituted as the government assigns one to the region and is the one that needs to be present for legally binding.

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Amazing!  Thanks so much for thi!


"Mmm frozen drinks are not allowed in the outside functions" Seems odd though ... but okay... Did she ever answer you about the umbrellas?  How much extra did it cost to reserve your 35 guests at the restaurants?

Originally Posted by Amara3CUS View Post

These were my follow up responses to her... and additional questions... when I get those answered, I will also post! :)


1.      Your records should reflect the following: ok please find attached

a.       For Brunch on July 22, 11am-1pm in Carey Ballroom: 20pax (I will tell you exact number closer to date). MENU: French Buffet; Please change to Italian buffet!!! Thank you.

                                                              i.      Is bar service available? Yes it will be a bar  set up Thank you!

b.      For Rehearsal Dinner on July 22 7:15pm at Arrecifes Terrace: 35pax ok fine  Thank you!

c.       For Cocktail Hour on July 23 5pm at Chapel Gardens: (will let you know pax after March 1st) MENU: *need hors dâ€oeuvres please  find attached International Hor Dâ€ouevres

d.      For Reception on July 23 630pm at Star Ballroom: (will let you know pax after March 1st) MENU: *need plated dinners menu Thank you

                                                              i.      Itâ€s my understanding that I pick an appetizer, soup, and two entrees (that will be marked so waiters know what to serve guests), and a dessert? Is this correct? Ok correct find the menus attached

Appetizer: Tender Spinaches with Lettuce & Goat Cheese, Pear & Candied Nuts

Soup: Chicken Consomme†with Julienne Vegetables & lime

Entrée Choice 1: Mahi Mahi fish filet stuffed with shrimp mousse and chardonnay sauce  (With rice and vegetables)

Entrée Choice 2: Tierra y Tierra, beef tenderloin and Chicken (with Rice and vegetables)

**I also have a very few number of guests, no more than 4 or 5- that will need a vegetarian plate**

Dessert: Strawberry Custard Vanilla Crème---with wedding cake… Can Coffee please be served at this time as well?

e.       For Farewell Brunch on July 24 10am at Art Terrace: MENU: * need breakfast buffet menu Mexican Breakfast Buffet, thank you.

                                                              i.      Can there be someone preparing fresh smoothies here? Mmm frozen drinks are not allowed in the outside functions ok.

2.      I have decided to keep the Complimentary Package for my wedding due to some information that the Miami office didnâ€t tell me about…(Vacation dollars canâ€t be used for Immaculate Conception Package). Due to this, I will need the following:

a.       Wedding Cake more than for 35 guests…for about 80. (please send me options for styles/ flavors) please find the complementary package attached I will need the cake P-10, WITHOUT the ribbon. Just plain, all covered in white fondant. A guest will be decorating my cake before the reception-thanks. Please let me know what my options are in the cake flavors I could have.

b.      Blood analysis will not be necessary ok

c.       Champagne to be served just prior to entering the reception (I will talk to you about this when I arrive at the resort for our meeting..) ok

d.      I will be in touch about other optional services soon (table top arrangements, bouquet and boutineeres)

e.       Add the solo violinist for ceremony (Maestro Oropeza, which I already asked you about). Ok Have you been able to receive confirmation from him yet?

f.       Horse & Carriage one way ride to ceremony ok

g.      Add the mariachis for Cocktail Hour –starting 515pm-615pm please (already asked you for this) ok  fine Have you been able to confirm the mariachis also?

h.      Could you please remind me of what the “honeymoon package†is? Thanks.  There are some amenities to your room invitation for a cocktail party and t-shirts as a honeymooners


Other questions I have:

1.      How can I buy day passes for a few off site guests? How many hours are the “day passes†good for? At what time may they come in and at what time do they need to leave? And are they allowed the same all inclusive services as any other guest during that day (example: eat and drink wherever they want on MP).

2.      Can we set up our pre-wedding meeting for Tuesday, July 19th at about 11am?

3.      Is there a Karaoke machine available for rent in the Andromeda Disco for Friday, July 22nd?

4.      How many bar top tables should we expect to be set up in the chapel gardens for the cocktail hour?

5.      How much is it to rent umbrellas?

6.      How soon can we have access to the cake? A guest would like to add some decorative pieces to it, as a gift.


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