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I wish I knew this before booking. =/

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NEGATIVE...one never could from what I understand.


Wedding Dollars = Some tours, to help pay your wedding package (excludes complimentary)/no wedding package includes the carriage ride that is an add-on, wine upgrade, room upgrades (Bride and groom may not want to do this as they may upgrade your room anyway), Spa Services



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We made all our wedding arrangements with Claudia Fonseca, she was great. She is a day of coordinator. When we got there, she had an emergency, so Valeria Vera took over. Both of them were very sweet and answered all our questions. Once you have contact with them it all runs smoothly.


For those worried about spending money on a carriage, it's only $130 and worth every penny. It is amazing in the pictures and makes you feel like a real princess. Just make sure to stop for some champagne when you pass the golf course, or some water.

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Not sure if this will help any, but here are some of my Lucy's answers (she was fairly quick with answering emails): 

My comments are in red



1) Can we give the officiant a different script for the vows or choose non-religious vows (we have guests with many different religions and would like to keep it secular)? This can be done after the civil ceremony is done, as the officiant is very strict and sticks with the procedure

2) Can we give sheet music for the classical duet to play?  Preferably send it prior, as I need to check with them if they have the songs or if they can practice them

3) What instruments can we choose for the classical duet? Information for entertainment is attached. * This was not actually attached so I'm still waiting for her to answer

4) How much for the Mexican Trio for the cocktail? It is also on the attached list * I've typed them all up below

5) When we arrive, do we meet the wedding coordinator or the same day? If not, Which day? We will plan your wedding and a month prior to your wedding, weâ€ll make sure to pass all information to the Wedding Coordinator on site, that way, you have 30 days to finalize anything, during that time, you can set up an appointment to meet with her upon arrival at the resort.

6) What is a difference between Capilla Beach and Tuncan Beach? (We want a beach wedding) The capilla is a chapel, and the Tucan Beach is an area on the Beach.

7) How long is the aisle runner and what is it made of? It is about 9-10 feet and it is made of burlap

8) Our wedding is ta 5pm, can we start cocktail at 6pm? No problem

9) Can we make reservation for the dinner? How much is an additional reservation for a welcome dinner? You already have a dinner reservation up to 35 in any of our restaurants included in the package. If you want an additional dinner, it would have to be a private event

10) How much are umbrellas for the cocktail hour and how big are they? I am sorry; you mean big umbrellas, or the ones that you put in the cocktails for decoration? * I specified the big umbrella, still awaiting answer

12) How often do shuttles run between Moon Palace and the other Palace Resorts? The only one goes to our resorts in hotel zone and it has a set schedule. Let me find out the information and Iâ€ll forward it




Mexican Music (sound system not included):


 Trio (3 Guitarists) Price $473.00 USD P/set  Jarocho Quartet Price $504.00 USD P/set  Mariachi Band (6 ppl) Price $504.00 USD P/set  Mariachi Band (9 ppl) Price $756.00 USD P/set  Mariachi Band (12 ppl) Price $1,008.00 USD P/set  Marimba (Xylophone) (4 ppl) Price $740.00 USD P/set

 Folkloric Ballet (Mexican or Caribbean)(No sound system or lighting)

Price $972.00 USD P/45 minutes show    Mexican Folkloric Ballet with live Mariachi (8 ppl) (No sound system or lighting) Price $3,024.00 USD P/45 minutes show    Folkloric Mayan Ballet (Includes live drums and flaute – prehispanic style music) / (Lighting is not included) (12 ppl) Price $1,580.00 USD P/45 minutes show   International Music  Guitarist Price $405.00 USD P/set  Pianist (electric piano) Price $373.00 USD P/set  Saxophonist Price $373.00 USD P/set  Trumpeter Price $373.00 USD P/set  Violinist Price $373.00 USD P/set  Jazz Band (3 ppl) Price $882.00 USD P/set  Classic Quartet Price $1,176.00 USD P/set  Dance band (4-6 ppl) Price $1,297.00 USD P/set  As per local Union policy, Musicians play 45 minutes, then rest 15 minutes per hour.  Prices are subject to change.  Music prices are triple during official Mexican Holidays: January 1, February 5, March 21, May 1, 5 & 10, September 15 & 16, October 12, November 20, December 24, 25 & 31.

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There was large umbrellas at our cocktail hour and reception. We did not ask for them, and we certainly didn't pay for them. As you can see, there was one over the bar, one by the buffet dinner, and there was another not shown that was by the cocktail set up.



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That's such a pretty set up!

Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

There was large umbrellas at our cocktail hour and reception. We did not ask for them, and we certainly didn't pay for them. As you can see, there was one over the bar, one by the buffet dinner, and there was another not shown that was by the cocktail set up.




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Lucy replied (she's very fast despite my wedding being next June!)



The fire show dancers are $850.00 per hour.

 The resort credit can be used either for upgrading your collection, or for spa, golf, tours but not for both.


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So, I recieved more communication from MP as regards to my questions! I hope it clears up some things for someone. :)


P.S. Bummed about the Sky Lanterns. I suppose it saves us more money and effort in that direction. Would have been magical though.


I am the person in charge of the wedding planners department, we assign the WeddingCoordinators 90 days prior to the ceremony date and a month prior, all thedetails, information, arrangements, etc. it is passed on to our Wedding Coordinatorson site.


I see that your weedingdate is for February 2012 so while I can assign a wedding planner, I will behappy to answer your questions and once we reach the 90 days, Iâ€ll letthe person in charge all the information that you and I have shared, so we allhave the same information.


Please see attached thewedding planner for the complimentary package that youâ€ve chosen andplease do not hesitate to contact me should you have any additional information


Please see below myanswer to your questions:




Symbolic Ceremony:

2) How many people can a beachceremony site accommodate? Is there a chargeif we exceed a certain number? Up to 50-60, depending on the area. The set up is for 35,so if you have more, what it needs to be considered extra would be the sashesfor the charis, etc


3) Are children allowed to attend the ceremony? If not, how old do they needto be (i.e. 18)? They are allowed in the ceremony, Moon Palaceis a family resort.


4) Will there be other weddings taking place during the same time as ours? How many other people are marrying there that day so far? There are other weddings, our locationshowever are not close to each other


5) May I see the script for the symbolic ceremony? please see theattachment, the script is similar to this one, the minister customize one forthe couple.

a. Can we alter the wording of theceremony? Itis actually up to the minister. yes, however it will not be as natural as the ministerscript.

b. Can we choose which blessings weinclude? Yes

c. Can we write our ownvows? Yes, you can

d. Can we meet the officiantbefore the ceremony to review the script? Yes, you can


6) What does the Moon Palace do if it rains during my outdoor beachceremony? We always have a back up locations, it is usuallya ballroom


7) Does the complimentary package include the huppah, judges table, and aislerunner? Yes, it does, please see the attached planner


8) If we want to add on to the complimentary package, how much is it for each ofthese: Each item has tobe quoted separately, how many of each would you like? I actually would suggestcontacting our in house decoration company, as they can assist you with this.

Theirinformation is on the private events planner. Or you can use your credit to upgradeto a sapphire collection

i. Drape chairs of aisle walkway with cobalt blue satin

ii. Crystalbases with seashells for aisle

iii. Hydrangeas and iris silk flowers for aisle décor

iv. Cobalt blue runner for judges table

v. Hanging drapes of 2 colors on the huppah likeinSapphire collection pictures on the Palace website


9) What are the available colors for thehuppah? Are we able to bring our own colors? The collections are: ruby (red), sapphire(blue), Emeralds (green), diamond (silver), amethyst (purple), amber (ornage).

10) If we bring our own homemade decorations for the ceremony,would we be in charge of setting them up ourselves or would you set themup? If you set them up, isthis complimentary? You can set them up, if we set them up there is a set up fee charge of $65.00usd per event.

11) Are we available to have cocktail drinksavailable on a table before our ceremony begins, so that guests can have onebefore our ceremony? This would have to be additional

12) If I choose to make my own bridal bouquetand flowers and bring them, may the complimentary bridal bouquet be usedto decorate our wedding cake instead? Yes, it can

13) We (bride and groom) are booking for 9 nights at MoonPalace. Does this mean we would qualify for $2000 in ResortCredit? Could we apply this resort credit towards hair and make up forthe wedding day, videography, fireworks, flowers, horse & carriage,etc? It does, but the credit can be used only to upgrade your Collectionor towards spa, golf and tours. It does not include beauty salon services. Ifyou are interested in the collection, I would suggest to use your credit toupgrade to a Sapphire collection.

14) Since we are booking through my parents' Palace Membership,would we recieve 20% off a Wedding Collection like the Sapphire weddingcollection (I know other brides that have recieved this)? If so, would our $2000 in Resort Credit also be able to be appliedtowards our wedding collection on top of this 20% off? Both are not combinable, you can eitheruse the 20% off or use the credit but toward the full price of the collection,


Cocktail Hour:

1) How much is it to book a 1 hour Catamaran sailing Isla Mujeres(like included in the sunset package, including open bar and service, music,and hors d'oeuvres)? If we get15 room nights booked, would this type of cocktail hour be complimentary? The cocktail to Isla Mujeres it has bequoted with a different supplier, let me quote with them. If you get the complimentarycocktail, includes hors dâ€oeuvres and open bar for an hour and basic setup.

2) May I see a menu of the hors d'oeuvres options? Would these same hors d'oeuvres be available if we had our cocktailhour on the catamaran rather than having our cocktail hour on site (like at theVenado Terrace)? Pleasefind them attached. The food will not be the same, as the catamaran is adifferent supplier.

3) Could we use the complimentary champagneduring our cocktail hour instead of right after the ceremony? Please consider the number of bottles is accordingto the number of people in the ceremony. It can be used during your cocktailhour, but youâ€ll not have anything to toast after the ceremony.

4) Would we be able to hire the Mariachi or Mexican Trio forjust 20 or 30 minutes during our cocktail hour? If so, what would be thereduced cost? No, the cost is per set and the set is 45 min.

5) What are our options for the cake? (flavors, prices per guest count, etc.) Please see the planner attached.



1) If we qualify for unlimited free events by reaching 75bookings, what would be included exactly for our reception? i.e. tables, chairs, linens, food, music, dance floor, etc? this is in reference to the use of private areasmostly, withouth surcharge. They include standard linens, silverware, whitechairs, tables, food & Beverages during the events and service. It does notinclude flowers, décor, music, or dance floor.

2) Again, if we qualify for unlimited free events, would we beable to use the Dinner Reservation for 35 Guests for a Welcome Dinner at 7pm onFebruary 17, 2012? Is there anywhere we could possibly show a slideshow during this Welcome Dinner? If you reach the number forunlimited events, you can do this dinner privately and t is possible to playthe slide show, but audiovisual equipment is separately.

3) What outside areas are available for receptions? Do youhave any pictures that you could send me? Please review the planner for private events

4) What sort of menus are available for receptions? Would we get to choose the menu? Yes, please find them attached

5) What would standard decor/set up for tables at the receptionbe? Do you have any pictures you couldinclude? Please findthem attached.

6) If we do not qualify for unlimited free events, then wewill book a Dinner Reservation for 35 guests. Could you please sendme a list of all the different restaurants available for this, including whatthey serve, and what attire is required? Find them in the planner

7) Are there any options for having a bonfire on the beach forour guests? If we do not qualify for the free reception, I would considerhaving this after our dinner. Yes, but this has an extracharge and it has to be quoted with an outsider vendor

8) Can we release "Wish Lanterns" during ourreception? (They are 100% flame retardant and biodegradable -- www.theskylantern.com) A friendof mine who is having her wedding at the Moon Palace, checked with herwedding coordinator, and she said yes. I'm just double checking before Iorder them! Also, would we be able to get about 4 kerosene cans to lightthem on the beach? If so, how much wouldthey be? I just foundout that is not possible because the proximity we have with the airport (within5miles) and it is not recommendable.


Other questions:


1) MayI have alist of your approved vendors please? Pleasefind them in the planner


2) Willsomeone be availableto steam my wedding dress? Is this complimentary? Thereâ€sa starting price on $36.00 depending on the dress.

3) Does Moon Palaceoffer discounts onanniversary visits? Notreally

4) Willthe hotel be willing to put info in our guests†rooms (welcome lettersand gifts)? There is a deliverycharge of $3.00 usd per room

5) Could any of our guests that qualify for the Resort Creditpromotion apply their credits towards our Wedding Collection (i.e.videography, flowers, fireworks, horse & carriage, etc.), or any of theother available avenues (i.e. spa services, golf, romantic dinner, roomupgrade, etc.) but for US? No, thecredit is non transferable

6) How can I buy day passes for afew off site guests? How many hours are the “day passes†goodfor? At what time may they come in and at what time do they need toleave? And are they allowed the same all inclusive services as any otherguest during that day (example: eat and drink wherever they want on MP).?

Only 20% of the total ofyour guests can use day passes. You can come in at 7am until 11pm with the daypass and yes, eat and drink where they chose to

7) I don'twant wrist bands to be in our pictures. Can we (bride and groom) and ourwedding party take off our wrist bands on the day of the wedding without beingcharged a fee for us and our guests? Only Bride & groom are allowed totake the wristbands off, just keep them safe because a penalty applies in caseof lost

8) We are puttingtogether Pre-Travel Brochures. Can you send me any information that my guestsmight find useful/helpful to know about the area/resort? yes

9) Do youhave a Resort Map that I can use for my brochures or Out of Town Bags? please see the document in attachment, youcan print it but your guest will receive one upon arrival
























Moon Complementaria.pdf

Private Events MPCancun.pdf


PLATED 2011.pdf

BUFFETS 2011 --mas de 50--.pdf

MENUS BUFFET (-50) 2011.pdf

MENUS DELIS 2011.pdf



Zona Moon Map.pdf


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Wow! Thanks for posting all that! :)


Did you get the list of approved outside vendors that you can share?

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This is so pretty. Did you bring those chair ribbons or did they supply them? Is there a set up fee.. sorry I am new to this site. My date is 3/9/12 and I am learning soooo much here. I love it! I am trying to pick my cocktail hour and wedding site and I am so torn. Any info is so appreciated.




Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

There was large umbrellas at our cocktail hour and reception. We did not ask for them, and we certainly didn't pay for them. As you can see, there was one over the bar, one by the buffet dinner, and there was another not shown that was by the cocktail set up.




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