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2pm in May too hot ceremony?

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A 2PM wedding on the beach in Mexico will be way too hot, unless you are in a beach gazebo.

It is crazy that they charge you more for a later time, what a ripoff! What resort is it?

I know the Palace Resorts do not charge you more for later times or sunset times.

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Originally Posted by rosieposie View Post
My FI didn't want us to spend the extra $400 charge for a later time - "sunset time" so the hotel said 2pm is the only other time available besides 10am.

ceremony is on the beach so I'm concerned we all would be baking in the sun.

i really don't want to be a pain and try to justify the extra spending because we could use it towards favours, invites or something.... he's been so good with everything so far, and this is 1 of the few things he's asked, that we save this extra bit of money.....

should be okay, righthuh.gif

....what will guests do between ceremony and reception, after photos.....?
You could do 10 AM. It wouldn't be hot as then so you and your guests would not be baking at around 2 PM. What you can then do is some sort of breather where guests can go out and do whatever they like and have your guests meet up again at a later time like around 6 PM or so when it's not so hot for a wedding reception or a cocktail reception.

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