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Body wraps--has anyone tried these?? thoughts?

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Hey love ladies! Have any if you tried a body wrap before? This is what's on the site of the place I've been looking into:


Any feedback would be appreciated!!!


What Is The SlenderQuest® Body Wrap System?


It is an advanced inch loss program, which uses natural ingredients to draw out toxins and

tighten skin. The body is first misted with our special amino herbal formula, covered with

therapeutic sea clay and then wrapped firmly with medical elastic bandages. It is a firming and

toning process.


How Does It Work?


Herbal extracts, amino nutrients and natural sea clay open pores and draw out toxic

accumulations from the skin and soft tissue layers. Pressure wraps compact the detoxified fatty

tissues, reducing overall measurements in the areas that need it most.


How Long Does It Last?


As long as you maintain your weight (or lose some), we guarantee that the lost inches will not

return for at least 30 days. With the detoxification of the tissue these inches will gradually return

over the next 6 to 12 months, depending wholly on your diet. Avoiding salt, sugar, fried foods,

alcohol, caffeine and other toxin-laden foods will substantially retard the detoxifying process.


Does It Involve Dieting?


No dieting is required for Inch-loss, but a SlenderQuest Body Wrap program is the perfect partner

for a diet. Losing weight causes the breakdown of fat, releasing more toxins in the soft tissues,

frequently resulting in loose, “flabby" looking flesh. The detoxifying and sculpturing wrap will firm

and tighten this flesh to show the full benefits of your weight loss.

Does It Involve Exercise?


The SlenderQuest Body Wrap System will reduce Inches with or without exercise, but the

resistance of the wraps will increase the benefits of any level of movement undertaken while

wrapped. We recommend doing as much as you are comfortable with.


How Many Inches Will I Lose?


does not involve inch loss, while others seek the therapeutic benefits of detoxification.

does not involve inch loss, while others seek the therapeutic benefits of detoxification.



How Much Time Do I Need to Allot?


If it's your FIRST visit to our salon, please plan on 1-2 hours. We will discuss the process, take

your measurements, and proceed with the Body Wrap process.


Do I need to bring anything?


Bring a change of undergarments.


Do I need to Tip the Body Wrap Technician?


Tips are very much appreciated but not expected


Think about it....




Take OFF inches and FIRM UP skin in just 2 hours!


Lose an average of 8 to 12 inches in overall measurement with your first wrap!


Reduce cellulite and stretch marks!


Detoxify your skin.


Give your skin a soft and supple feel with an all-over mask.



Time-tested in European spas and health clinics, cosmetic body wraps firm flabby skin and

produce immediate inch loss. Now, body wraps are becoming one of the hottest beauty trends

and are a perfect complement to the “Look good, feel great†tanning industry. The

SlenderQuest® Body Wrap system is an exclusive three-step program designed to aid in tissue

nourishment and cellular metabolism stimulation.


The systemâ€s three-step process is designed as a completely natural way to produce maximum

inch loss:



Herbal amino mist: Sweet-smelling herbal extracts with amino nutrients in a pure aloe base

opens pores and prepares the skin for SlenderQuest® Sea Clay.




SlenderQuest® Sea Clay: Directly applied sea clay, harvested from ancient sea beds, is

rich in minerals and removes certain toxins as it exfoliates the skin.




Amino saturated body wraps: A saturated wrap process that helps nourish and detoxify




In about two hours, the SlenderQuest® systemâ€s safe and effective technique reduces body

measurements and firms soft tissues. This is not a water loss process.


Trained operators can offer inch loss and detoxification programs, as well as “quick fix†tips, for

special occasions.

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Hello ! I've tried a wrap at a Spa before - although I don't think it was was inches loss, more for skin - I remember it was a mud wrap (it was a long time ago).


I did not like it too much - I did not like the feeling of being wrapped in plastic film and not being able to move at all for an hour. The woman put a little trigger in my hand saying : if something's wrong, press and we'll come ! Well, nothing went really wrong but I did not feel relaxed or better from the process.


But, that's just me ! Maybe some other girls will have had better experiences wink.gif

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I did a mud wrap once, similar process but it wasn't for weight loss, just detox, skin treatment. If was strange being wrapped in basically saran wrap but I did notice a difference in my skin afterwards. Again it wasn't for weight loss so I don't know if that helps you.

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Do body wraps really work?

Are bodywraps just another weight loss gimmick or can bodywraps help you achieve weight loss and fitness goals?


The answer to that question depends a lot on you.


Assuming you've chosen body wraps that work by carefully evaluating the choices with the criteria I will be giving you, you need to look at your expectations.


Are you assuming that all you need is a good bodywrap to get results? Bodywraps can provide benefits but are you believing a stand-alone weight loss tool?


The answer is a resounding "no".


Even the very best body wrap works best when it is just one aspect of a total weight loss program involving exercise and diet. If you go into this idea of wrapping for weight loss thinking that it's a quick fix, I can tell you that you will be setting yourself up for disappointment.


Instead of asking yourself do body wraps really work, why not start with a more important question: am I willing to work to achieve my weight loss goals?


In this 7-part weight loss and fitness article, we will explore the most popular types of wraps as well as other important factors to look at in making your decision, assuming you've already answered the question above with a resounding yes, I'm willing to work


The Basic Three in Wrapping:

3 popular types of body wraps are mineral wraps, herbal body wraps and detoxing clay wraps. Of these 3, I personally favor detoxifying clays (Choose herbal-wraps that add only organic herbs and use the purest detoxing clays.


A note about aluminum:

Ask about aluminum content in the clays being used. This is an important consideration for me because of the studies I've read about linking excess aluminum and health challenges such as Alzheimer's. Some clays have a lot of aluminum while others do not. Ask.


However, as long as the ingredients are pure and quality ingredients, any one of these three main types, as well as the newer options such as infrared heat and lipase wraps, can provide benefits. Please read on about what is realistic to expect and what is just not realistic to expect. Regardless of type of treatment you choose, the strongest tips I can share are:



•Scrutinize body-wrap ingredients: Some of what goes on you will also go in you, through your pores, so look for organic ingredients



•Ask questions about safety: What do the wrap-technicians say about dehydration, preparing before the wrap, what to expect after the wrap and any unusual symptoms that might indicate a problem while doing the wrap?



•Ask questions about allergic reactions: Do not assume that there are no cautions. Wrap-technicians will tend to be busy and could forget to mention something so always ask about allergic reactions.


Specifically mention any ingredient you are aware of that might cause a reaction if applied topically. Do this whether or not you see your allergic ingredient listed.


Your allergen might be there and just be part of a "mixture" that is added as one ingredient, similar to the way manufacturers often include monosodium glutamate in with "vegetable broth" in tuna.


Discuss any and all medications you are taking and any medical condition you have: In particular, let your wrap-technician know if you have diabetes, heart disease or circulatory problems.


Visit the spa's website before an in-person visit: Evaluating your options may be easier if the spa has a website because, though you'd still be hit with marketing as soon as you go there, you wouldn't be getting the hard sell that an in-person techician can impose. Visit the website and write down a list of questions to ask the wrap technician when you call or visit. Ask about any package deals, promotions, etc.


A spa offering any type of weight loss tool should also be able to provide "realistic" results. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Look for testimonials from people who have kept the weight off for at least six months. It's one thing to lose 19 inches in an hour. It's another thing to still have that 19 inches gone after half a year has passed.


It is my hope that you use body-wraps and any other tools for weight loss in addition to healthy living and not instead of making positive changes that would support a better weight for you. Any weight loss too really works best within a well-rounded program including diet and fitness, as well as motivation coaching and counseling for emotional issues surrounding persistent weight gain.

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I haven't done one for weight loss, but when my best friend got married, we did this exfoliating chocolate treatment and then a chocolate wrap. They used this moisturizing chocolate mixture with real cocoa on us, then wrapped us in saran wrap and put a heated blanket on us. It smelled like cookies baking, haha. It was pretty relaxing and we both felt very soft and moisturized afterwards... and smelled DELICIOUS!

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I've had body wraps at a spa and the DIY kind. Both were successfull. It's as the previous people said it depends on why you are getting them. I don't think it's a good for weight loss.


I believe people relate them to weight loss because of the inches lost. When you are loosing weight wraps are good to do to keep the the skin from being saggy. But the DIY kit I have at home strongly encourage doing some light exercise while detoxing.


I did notice the spa wraps work better for me when detoxing. I think that is because they can wrap the body just right. When you try to wrap yourself its either too tight or too loose and you don't really get the best results. So if you do the DIY make sure you have someone to help you wrap.

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Linds- I was thinking about using the "IT WORKS" wraps before the wedding. And the woman swore by them. She said if I didnt lose weight she would refund my money. She lost 4 sizes on them and had kept the weight off for over a yr!


I really wanted to do them. I ran out of time and money.But Im thinking about doing them now.


And these arent like a typical wrap, they are more like individuals wraps that are full of detoxifying all natural ingredients. You dont have to go to a salon. They come to you! You should look into these!!!



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