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Riu brides, cancun area.....

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Anyone else stressing about cakes, flowers etc.....


It never bothered me before but lately I just want to know what everything looks like!! lol!! cant find much out there these things and its hard to hang on too much to other location riu cakes and flowers incase they are totally different??


I know that flowers and a cake will not ruin our big day but i still want to know so i can check that off my list soon and not the day before my wedding!!


hmmm.... im stressing way too much I think!! My MOH and BM are out of the country so not alot of folk to talk to about these little details!!


Thank you for listening to this rant!



Riu caribe 11 Jan 2011

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Hey JodieP...

I keep going through phases about panicking to be honest at the moment im panicking about the photographer as this is something thats not included in our wedding package, i have emailed the onsite photographer today about prices etc as the travel agents dont seem to be able to get me the prices!!

We havent booked our wedding yet as prices are not out until 29th April so i havent really got a clue on anything to be honest.... Im just going to try & go with the flow.... (I know, easier said than done)

I know at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya we choose stuff like cake etc when we meet the wedding co-ordinator in the resort.... I like to plan ahead but if this is the way they do it then so be it.... i will secretly be panicking right up til the day we get to choose though i think as i hate not knowing!!!


Nic xox

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