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Hawaii Destination Ideas Please!!

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Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie here...a little about me-28 years old, marrying the love of my life and father of my two beautiful children, 2 year old Colten and 2 week old Khloe. Things are settling down after the new baby and I'm swinging into wedding mode!

We are planning a wedding in Hawaii next year but have no CLUE what areas are the best bang for the buck! It would actually be more of a "renewal of vows" with a ceremony, since we will be "officially" married next month here in Texas by the JOP. We are looking for all inclusive (since I hear that is best) but have no idea where to start!

This will only be for about 10 people, and we are looking for relaxation as well as tourist attractions...we are all very active and LOVE The outdoors, obviously, especially the beach!

If anyone has any ideas of popular Hawaiian wedding destinations that aren't ridiculously expensive, PLEASE let me know!

I look forward to hearing ideas and experiences!


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