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How did you meet your FI / DH?

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I like this thread; it is fun to hear how people met. I met FI in a hole-in-the-wall-bar in our hometown. He is five years older than me, so knew my siblings but didn't even know I existed. He had been living in AZ for the past 10 years and happened to be home visiting his family. He saw me and pointed at me across the bar and asked a long-time friend of mine (who he went to high school with), "Who is that girl? I am going to marry her some day!" So my friend introduced us, and needless to say, I thought he was a bit creepy. LOL. He soon moved to Chicago and we talked occasionally on the phone. He asked me out many times over the next year only to get turned down. The following thanksgiving he came home again and we met up; suddenly I was in love too! The rest is history...

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Mods, I'm sure there's a thread on this topic already, but I couldn't find it sad.gif Feel free to move/join this one if you know where it is!


I thought it would be neat to share our "how we met" stories. Here's mine:


I became good friends with my former manager (Rachel), and another woman (Ramona) that I reported directly to. The three of us hung out, both at work and socially outside of work. At the time I was dating someone, but Ramona was single and one day Rachel decided she would try setting her up with her husband's best friend, who was also single (Tim). I was in on it and we decided to keep Ramona in the dark for fear she would freak out about being "set up". We were extremely busy at work and the three of us had to work on a Saturday. It just so happened that Tim was going to be at Rachel's house that evening, so she suggested that after we finished up, we head to her place for pizza and beer. So we did, and we had an enjoyable evening. Ramona had no clue that the accidental meeting with Tim was no accident and when it was time to leave, she drove me home. After we left, Rachel asked Tim what he thought about Ramona, and he said "she seems very nice, but tell me more about the brunette ......" Well, I'm sure you've guessed by now that I was the brunette (Ramona was blonde at the time), and he asked me out the very next week. "Tim" of course is actually my DH "Tom". The other names have been changed (to protect the innocent, lol).


Ok, who's nexthuh.gif?

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Cute Story!


Here's mine: ( A little wordy sorry, it's a long story)


When I was 17 I worked at a local restuarant chain as a server, I walked into work one day and there was a new guy working behind the line(cook). At the time I was in a "serious" relationship with my ex fiance' and faithful as always, so I just made friends with this new line cook. We became fast friends, hung out all the time, started college together at the same place, and he felt like one of the family really. His family is from MN and he lived here alone so we always welcomed him to all the holidays big and small. We were best friends. A couple years after knowing him I broke off the engagment to my then current love (puppy love). Happens at the time my now FI had meet and feel in love with his own love interest, but we still remained the best of friends. He ended up getting married to her actually. Although we no longer went to school or worked together we still had phone calls and emails pretty reguarlarly. While he was going to school to be a paramedic his wife left him because she was lonely (he was more married to medical school and his carreer at the time)We call this his starter marriage lol. They divorced shortly after, but of course I was always there to pick up the pieces even though I was seriously dating someone else at the time. He finished up with his schooling and we lost touch a bit until he moved closer. We were back to being best friends, hanging out all the time, giving eachother advise, being there in some really sad times. I ended up dating someone that didn't really care for his and I's friendship (for good reason I guess lol) so we lost touch for a bit but we would still talk. I ended up setting him up with my boyfriends' work aquaintances during this time to kind of get my boyfriend off my back. My now FI really took to this new girl and we all became really good friends. He ended up finding wife #2 this way. I was even the "best man" in the wedding if you can believe it! I eventually broke up with my boyfriend(I had some commitment issues in the past lol). By then I actually became really good friends with my now FI's wife. They had a daughter together, I was there for the birth and everything. Shortly after they had their daughter his wife passed away. We were devastated. Not only did he loose a wife, but I lost a friend. We leaned on eachother during this time. I helped with his daughter and we helped eachother back from depression. About a year later we decided to get away for a bit and have a bit of fun. Us, along with a few friends decided we would go to Half Moon Bay for a weekend. The day we left we realised that we were the only one's going. We went anyways and I'm glasd we did. We realised what was in front of our faces all along and fell in love over looking the ocean and having a blast. Its been a rocky road for us, we def haven't been the most conventional pair, but I wouldn't change a thing. Seems everyone knew we would end up together, but us. 11 yrs later......here we are. I couldn't be more happy, I get to marry my true best friend.

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Aw cute! Our Story is very random. I got a phone call on a Friday morning from a friend inviting me to Vegas for that weekend. I thought, ‘what the heck!†I rushed home to pack, and thought that since I was up since 5am I could catch some zzzâ€s on the plane to prepare for a late Vegas night. My friend was flying in from SF to meet me, so I was traveling alone. The guy in front of me on the plane was SO loud and obnoxious, and I hated him the whole way because he was interrupting my beauty sleep. This was before the liquid restriction, and I could see him and a friend passing a little flask back and forth. Plane lands, and the nutty guy gets up (he was with a huge bachelor party) and yells, ‘WHO WANTS A CAR BOMB?!†Me, being the sarcastic sally that I am, said very dryly, ‘ugh, I could totally use a car bomb after that flight†(of course, referring to my frustration with his antics). He took me seriously, we quickly introduced ourselves (I couldnâ€t tell while we were in separate rows how attractive he was! wink.gif), he yelled for one of his friends to take his bag and we went off to find a drink. He paid for my cab to my hotel….. the rest is history! We got together when we got home!! Oh how I love my dear, obnoxious FI! love.gif

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