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Help! Wedding Planning Stress survey

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm halfway to my 100 minimum goal. :) It's not too late to take it if you haven't!


I will definitely share the results with everyone -- the project is slated to be done by June. A quick sneak peak...


My prelim results show that MOST people are super stressed out about planning their weddings and are spending over 50 hours agonizing over the details. They also find that figuring out how to translate their vision within their timeframe and budget is fairly difficult. Tradeshows, magazines, and workshops don't appear to be the best use of details planning dollars.


What I am more interested in after the results of the survey is the brides who have taken workshops or event planning classes to help plan their wedding. I want to know what was covered in the workshops, how much they cost, and why they weren't helpful. If anyone is in that category I'd love to chat with you directly (send me a PM).


I'm working on producing something similar to a workshop - but not in the traditional sense. I'd agree that most classes and whatnot don't help much... and that you can get that information from books and articles. What I am convinced of, however, is that the industry has a huge gap. Anyone can get a book on traditions, ettiquette and to-dos... but those aren't what make a wedding. I'm convinced that brides spend 50+ hours agonizing over details because the information they have doesn't help them cut through all that and really hone in on a clear vision from the beginning.


I'm looking to combine the planning processes of project management (boring, I know) with the artsy creative side of event planning.


What it is going to look like, I'm not quite sure yet. Ha. Definitely not like the current unhelpful things... that's for sure. :)


Also... I have to make the project generic for stateside bride for my prof, but after the class I'm going to really be digging in for destination brides - that is where my heart is at and I think I can definitely make an impact.


So thats my sneak peak -- and you guys have all been a part of that! Thank you!

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