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I can only speak to the swaps, and they will not let you swap anything from the packages anymore.


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I am new to the forum and am in the process of booking my date August 18th 2011.  I have a few questions and was hoping some of you could answer them. I will list them so they are easier to read.


1.  I was planning on getting the divine package but wasn't planning on using all the services that it offers.  I've seen in past posts that they let you do swaps but read one were they don't allow that anymore.  Does anyone know the deal with this?


2.  I was thinking about using an outside event decorator.  Has anyone done this or know if they allow it?


3.  What is the quality of the spa?  Are they good with the hair and makeup?  


If any of you know the answers to these questions it would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!  Thank You!

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Hi girls-haven't posted in awhile but I just got some sample pics from Ivan Luckie (2 months later).  I know there are a bunch of you using him-so here are some of my favorites he took from the wedding.  As far as picture quality-I would definitely recommend him-just be prepared to wait.  Per his contract-he has 60 days to give you your pics-and he delivered mine on exactly day 60...just food for thought. 


A lot of the pics show the inside of the bamboo room for our reception-so you can kind of see the setup (way the tables were done and how they hung the paper lanterns). 














































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Tracy- did you make the place cards for the buffet table? And did you tell them where to hang the lanterns? It looks like they are over the dance floor, correct?

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They made the place cards for the buffet table.


The lanterns were a joint effort.  I showed them to Pilar in our initial meeting and we went to the bamboo room to look around and figure out how to hang them.  The ceiling is really high in there-but that fan looking structure in the middle of the room hangs down from the highest point in the ceiling.  All the lanterns were hung from that structure at varying lengths.  I think she ended up using about 15 of them. 

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Hi Ladies, I am trying to decide between the Bamboo room and Castaways for my reception location.  I feel like I have more of an oportunity to personalize Castaways than I do the Bamboo room.


Carly, how many people were in your party?  I was told that I should have 80-100 people if I wanted that room but I didn't think that you had that many.


Tracy,  I am having a hard time visualizing the bamboo room.  From what I have gathered, there are two walls of windows overlooking the courtyard and the ocean.  the other two walls are lined with the bamboo and lights. 

Is the room set up as a basic square? 

Are there bathrooms located within the room?

Where did you have the DJ set up?


Thanks, Meg

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I recently just got married at the Now Jade on December 13th and it was absolutely wonderful!!! I promise I will write a detailed review soon, but it has been crazy with the honeymoon after in Bora Bora and the holidays.


Meg- I had 48 guests and we used the bamboo room and I thought it was perfect. It didn't feel empty at all. I posted some pics below. The room has two walls of windows overlooking the courtyard and pergola/ocean, the back wall (in the pic below where the head table was) and a wall that borders the buffet. There isn't bathrooms in the bamboo room, but they are right out the door in the hallway by the buffet. Pilar set up the head table against the back wall and then had the other 6 tables basically lined in a square around the room and the center was the dance floor. We didn't use a DJ. We used our ipod and my brother in law mc'd. We set up the microphone and speakers in the corner of the room where the back wall and windowside of the courtyard meet.


Robin- We had poms that we had Pilar hang and she didn't charge us for them. She hung some on the ceiling over the dance (as you can see below) but she also hung them on the outer edges of the room which looked awesome and I was very impressed with. (Sorry I don;t have a picture of that yet) By the way I love your date...11.11.11!!! I have a friend who is getting married on the same date :)


Here is a link to my photographer's blog...she just posted some pictures from our wedding if anyone wants to check them out.




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Michelle your pictures are AWESOME. You looked sooooo beautiful!

Did you bring those conch shells on the walkway runner or did the hotel set that up for you?

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