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The Now Riviera Cancun

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#1341 hammy0426

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    Posted 27 January 2011 - 07:04 PM

    We are flying out on 2/19/11 and getting married on 2/21/11 and I am having the opposite response with Pilar.  I used to get responses within 1-2 days but lately I have been waiting for over a week for responses!!!!  It's driving me crazy because the wedding is less than a month away.  yikes!

    #1342 babybird126

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      Posted 27 January 2011 - 07:29 PM


      Trust me I was stressing out as much as you are and a week before the wedding, I got switched from Ana to Pilar which made me over the edge stressed.  But to be honest, all that stress was for nothing.  Everything went beautifully =).  Pilar had all the notes from me and Ana and was very organized.  We went through everything the day before and everything came out better than I expected.  Trust me you really don't need too much stuff for the bamboo room.  it is very well lit and everything seems to just sparkle in there.  I am sorry to hear about your FI.  I had a similar situation too so I know how you are feeling right now.

      Any question feel free to ask =)

      #1343 lisadias

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        Posted 28 January 2011 - 04:37 AM

        Sorry to hear that hammy i found when I wasn't getting the response as quickly as I wanted I just called her and felt much better. a month YAY that is sooo exciting! I still have just under 3 months and can't wait! Just working out my flowers now, made my appointment with the videographer and with pilar the day we arrive and got the DJ booked finally. Still need to finalize the menu and get my spa appointment confirmed.

        Do you happen to have any pics of the vases you are going to leave down there? I could really use the help using them cause the ones I thought about bringing are quite heavy and it I could save room in my suit case that would be amazing! Thanks for the offer it is much appreciated.

        #1344 mattncarolinewedding

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          Posted 28 January 2011 - 11:36 AM

        • Hi hammy0426 ,
        • Did you consider mailing some of that big stuff down ahead of time?  May end up being quite a bit cheaper.. I heard of other brides doing that.. as long as they could promise you it would get there in time, and you can typically track it along the way... may not work for the "control freak" in you though.. ;)  Just a suggestion.. hope it all works out, I'm sure it will!  Sounds like your wedding will have a great atmosphere with all the decor.  good luck.
        • Caroline
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          #1345 hammy0426

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            Posted 28 January 2011 - 04:28 PM

            I consulted Fed Ex and it was going to cost a few hundred dollars to ship down there but they could guarantee the date of delivery.  UPS was cheaper but no guarantee of delivery or if/when it would make it through customs.  Might have been a viable option for me if I had looked into it before one month until the wedding....I will probubly suck it up and spend the $200 to check the 4 extra bags. It is hard to justify spending $50 on a big of 12 vases that came from the dollar store though  haha


            Does anyone know how I can post pictures?  I will try to post some pics of the vases....

            #1346 lisadias

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              Posted 28 January 2011 - 04:47 PM

              Hammy, in the reply box below source there is an "insert image icon" it's the first one on the second line. A pop up box will come out and press browse and then find the pic in your computer and double click on it and then click submit, that should do it.

              i hear ya about the vases I bought some for my AHR from the dollar store too which I was going to bring down south also, only if I can get people to help me pack things, which most seem ok with it so let's see if it all fits when it comes time to pack lol

              #1347 amy9968

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                Posted 29 January 2011 - 05:15 AM

                I am planning a ceremony here on May 2, 2011.   I've not had the best of experience thus far.  My situation is a little different, we are re affirming our vows(25th anniversary)..but we are doing the same package as anyone.  My frustrations come from lack of communication with the hotels wedding planner.  I went Mexico in July 2010 and my 19 year old daughter and I toured hotels.  We chose the Now for the reasonable priced rooms for our guests.

                I've not gotten good communications with their coordinator...  any suggestions?   What do you know about the DJ's?   The food offered on the menu's is not exactly what I prefer...do they customize it at all?

                #1348 babestaaa

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                  Posted 29 January 2011 - 08:18 AM

                  Wow shipping is quite costly..better of paying an extra luggage.

                  #1349 amy9968

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                    Posted 29 January 2011 - 10:11 AM

                    Oh Hamy, I am sorry.  It's the pits waiting, isn't it?   I'm sure all will be great and you will be a beautiful bride!   What package did you pick? Is yours a large event?  Where is your ceremony location?  Where did you choose for your reception?    I couldn't believe the pricing for bows and colored decorations.

                    I'm also waiting to hear about the DJ.. when I was there in July 2010 checking out the resorts, I found a singer who blew us out of the water!  I wanted to see 

                    if I could work her in... no response.


                    I had gotten the run around about booking, and my code for guest rooms.   Maybe if you send an email...and tell her- you need to arrange a phone call and NOW.

                    What are they doing about your rooms?  I'm trying to see if an upgrade comes with the package.


                    Sorry about all the questions, I just found this website this am, while ordering favors.   I'm sorry for your challenges, but I'm relieved it's not me.  I stay at AMResorts often.

                    I think their customer service is sub-par.  



                    #1350 babybird126

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                      Posted 29 January 2011 - 10:32 AM

                      The DJ that I had at the resort was amazing.  He played great music during the dinner as well for the reception.  We did bring a cd with our important songs but anything else we requested, they had.  He really fed off of our group and went with the dynamic of the group. I had one table putting their napkins on their heads and acting karate people and he quickly put that song on when he noticed them.  I had the Devine package and a room upgrade is included with the package but if you have a pretty high room to begin with, they won't upgrade.  We had the preferred club suite ocean front.  So the next upgrade would have been the government suite which they wouldn't upgrade.  I went with a travel agent who handle all that with the room codes etc.  

                      WC are very slow but trust me they do a great job.  

                      The only drawback to this resort is the slow service throughout the entire hotel.  They need more staff.....

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