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Tracy thanks for all your details!  I'm glad someone is getting married soon so we can get a review.  As far as I know there has only been one posted on here since ownership changed.  Let me know if anyone has seen any others.

Have I mentioned I love this site?? 

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Tracy are you doing the buffet diner at Pure?? Because if so I will definitely need to change to the buffet!! And for the DJ wouldn't you have to pay what it cost for the addtional hours?? I believe that's $150. I really do hope they are very reasonable about the flowers and centerpieces.

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Can we request the DJ to play an hour longer the night of the event for the same price we paid upfront? I'm not sure if I need three hours or four.


Did anyone get clarification on how many centerpieces are provided in the Eternity package?  If it's only one I might use my flowers and the bridesmaid flowers as centerpieces.


I'm getting married on the beach. Does that package include the cost to set up the for the wooden four post canopy on the beach?


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Hi ladies-here are the buffet options-the only stipulation to having the buffet over the seated dinner is that you need to have at least 50 people attending:



Mixed lettuce salad  
Tomato wedges   
Coleslaw with carrots and raisins 
Tuna salad with vegetable brunoas
Panela cheese salad with cilantro  
Selection of cold cuts including:  
ham, turkey breast, roast beef and house pâté  Cold cuts: salami, bologna and
Manchego, Swiss and Dutch cheese
Leek and potato soup
Carrots with cream cheese
Swissâ€style beef tips 
Chicken leg filled with shellfish in cream sauce Penne with roasted tomato sauce
Pork cutlets Marsala
Roast pork loin a la mode  
Strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, pecan pie  Dessert:

Caesar salad with romaine lettuce

Caprese salad with pesto

Macaroni and ham salad

Mediterranean seafood salad

Eggplant and zucchini caponata

Calamari in Italian vinaigrette

Cold cuts:  salami, bologna and sausage

Ricotta, provolone and mozzerella cheese

Minestrone soup

Penne with roasted tomato sauce

Grilled vegetables

Fillet of fish a la Romana

Chicken casserole


Tiramisu, queso napolitano, profiteroles






Cactus salad  
Panela cheese salad
Poblano pepper salad
Potato salad with jalapeño peppers
Seafood salad a la marinera
Chopped pork rind in vinaigrette 
Dressings and croutons  
Tortilla soup 
Green rice a la Poblana
Pork carnitas 
Chicken breast in Poblano mole sauce
Barbecued lamb enchilada 
Fillet of fish in adobo sauce
Buttered vegetables 
Flan with eggnog  
Arroz con leche
Key lime pie  
Spanish custard with vanilla
Multiâ€colored gelatin



Garden salad
Sliced tomatoes
Plantain salad
Russian salad
Fish salad
Cucumber salad
Dressings and croutons
Cream of corn soup
Macaroni with Bolognese sauce
Baked pork loin
Chicken leg stuffed with mushrooms
Grilled marinated beef skirt steak
Fillet of fish a la Romana
Grilled vegetables
Queso napolitano
Chocolate cake
Pecan pie
Crème Midori



Macaroni Salad
Potato salad with bacon  
Sliced tomatoes 
Chicken salad with pineapple
Palm heart and artichoke carpaccio
Mixed Cajun seafood salad
Cold cut and cheese platter
Assorted Mexican cheeses  
Jambalaya rice
Buffalo wings
Noodle casserole with jam and sausage

Charâ€grilled fillet of fish  
Charâ€grilled New York steak
Assorted mini French pastries
Brownies, raisin pudding, cheesecake
Caramel flan
Bread for slicing     




Mixed lettuce salad
Corn and bell pepper salad
Beet salad
Threeâ€bean salad
Stuffed peppers
Sliced cheese platter
Cream of clam soup
Chili beans
Baked leg of lamb with pan juices
Roast turkey
Whole grilled fish in adobo sauce
Baked beef shank
Fresh fruit tarts margarita cake,
pumpkin pie, pecan pie
Bread for slicing        



Mixed lettuces
Tomato with onion and cilantro  
Cactus salad  
Guacamole with tortilla chips
Shredded beef in vinaigrette
Beet salad  
Acapulcoâ€style fish ceviche
Corn salad  
Cream of bean soup 
Rice a la Mexicana  
Fillet of fish a la Veracruzana 
Chicken breast with huitlacoche sauce  
Stuffed peppers with seasoned ground beef
Tamales with mole sauce  
Beef tips a la Mexicana
Quesadillas and fried tacos
Capirotada Mexicana
Sweetened squash  
Flan with caramel sauce  
Sliced fruit  




Venison dzic
Progresoâ€style mixed ceviche
Creole zucchini salad
Chaya salad
Cucumber and orange salad
Young bean salad with chives
Chopped pork rind in vinaigrette
Chayote salad
Lemon soup
White rice with fried plantain
Tikin xicâ€style grouper
Pibil chicken in banana leaves
Cochinita pibil
Pork tamale “coladoâ€
Shrimp in hibiscus mole sauce
Fish empanadas
Tres leches cake
Chocolate cake
Papaya sweet with cheese
Queso napolitano
Fruit cocktail

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We opted for the buffet-but it's not in one of their a la cart restuarants.  Well it kind of is.  I don't know if she has mentioned the option of using the restuarant "Las Olas" for your reception.  This restuarant is their open air daytime dining resturant that looks out over the beach.  It is not open to guests in the eveings.  I believe they close it down for the day at 6pm. 


We had originally wanted the Festival Terrace-but when I saw some pictures of it-I talked to Pilar and we agreed that it might be a little too small for 50 people with the buffet and a dancefloor-so she recommended this.  Our Ceremony is at 5-and then the cocktail hour-and she has assured me that the restuarant will be closed to all other resort guests and set up for us by the time our reception starts.  (And there is no extra charge since the devine package includes a private reception-even though it is technically at one of the restaurants)


For us-this was perfect because we wanted something that was outside-but still had some coverage in case of bad weather. 


I don't believe they will let you do the buffet option at one of the a la cart resturants-but you never know-it's worth it to ask.

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Mischaka-From my understanding-the $150 per additional DJ hours only applies if you go over the 4 hour package price.  The extra 2 hours I wanted for the DJ was kind of a price shock for me considering with taxes-it's almost $800...but I'm still trying to get her to lower that.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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Well that's not fair even if it included in the package!! That's alot. But we are only going to need an additional hour. I'm not sure what they had left but since I had just switched to this resort and someone else is getting married that same day I was given the option to have the reception at Pure or Cinque Terrace. And to have the ceremony at the Fountain. And the person who is getting married that day will have about 70 people! Since I didn't want to change my date I took whatever they had left.

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