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Calling out French-speaking brides - Looking for ceremony help!

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I am attaching here the script that we did. All the parts that are in French are followed by an English translation so you can figure out what is said. There are a lot of French-speaking parts so you can cherry pick !


Attachment 4929


I also attach the program that has all of the readings and song lyrics translated. This might help, too.


The program has a weird lay-out because it was intended to be printed recto-verso and folded in half.


Attachment 4930





Special ceremony bilingual with translation of French parts and notes and comments.doc

Program to share.pdf

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Originally Posted by mlabbe View Post
Thank you for sharing. it's very detailed! Looks like you two had a wonderful ceremony :)
It was awesome. for me it was the most important part - so I spent a lot of time on it !

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Originally Posted by isa2214 View Post
Hi everyone,

My FI and I are both French speaking and all of our guest too (everybody understands and speaks english too). My question is, if you have a symbolic ceremony (renewal of vows) is it conducted is english or spanish. I know that the legal ceremonies are made in spanish and I woudn't want to translate from spanish to english and then to french, but I would really like some parts to be translated especially for the vows.
Hi Isa,

I'm getting married in Punta Cana too and had the impression even symbolic ceremonies were conducted in Spanish. You should check with your resort though because this could vary by resort. Another option, is having a friend or family member conduct the ceremony that way you would only need to translate it once.


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