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Help me pick!!!

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Hey everyone! I'm new on the boards, but have been lurking for a few weeks... I'm getting married in Jamaica in January (woohoo!) - have the location, about 20 guests, and am down to 2 dresses...


The model pictures don't do either dress justice, but they wouldn't let me take pics until I bought. Which of these do you think I should pick? I love them both and just can't decide!


#1 Nicole Miller


#2 Nicole Miller


Can't wait to hear what other destination brides think!

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I'm totally torn...


#1 is more classic and white, and is really flattering, and a little easier to walk in. On the other hand, it has a built in bra-back to keep it in place, which will be hot on the beach.


#2 will probably be more comfortable, and I love the material, which is a funky off-white metallic. It's definitely more beachy. It's also less expensive.


That being said, my fiance is wearing a tux... and I think #1 will look better with that.


Keep the votes coming!

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