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Insuring your Engagement Ring

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I am trying to figure out which company to use to insure my ring (it is currently covered by my AAA renter's insurance) and I wanted to know if anyone had recommendations. Also, has anyone had to file a claim? What questions did they ask and were they able to replace your ring? All advice would be appreciated!

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Yeah, same here. It's on our homeowners policy. All our insurance is with USAA...we get that because David's dad was in the Navy. Apparently it's for people in the military or their kids. Our kids won't be eligible for it. . .which is a bummer, the rates are amazing. :-(


We haven't had to file a claim for it - thank god!! But basically I think the standard rule is to have it on your homeowners/renters ins. You may even want to just go through your current policy to see what they cover, any stipulations, deductibles etc. Then see if you want to change to a different/better plan?

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Yeah, like Tara said, I highly recommend Jewelers Mutual. My sister works for the high end jeweler in town and she said that's where she directs everyone. They have very little or no deductible and their claim handeling is WONDERFUL. A bunch of our friends have had diamonds that have fallen out (men who wanted diamonds all the way around the band... BAD idea) anyway, one of our friends has had his diamond fall out 3 times, and every single time they replace it with practically NO questions asked and his rate has never increased.

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