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Limo Companies in the Keys

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Hey Florida Keys brides I need help! We are getting married next month at Little Palm Island. We need a limo company for a few hours to take us from our hotel and down to Key West for our rehearsal dinner. I am having trouble finding a company that A) has a limo large enough to hold 12 people or B) is still in business. It seems like a lot of the companies that are out there on the internet have since gone out of business. Any recommendations?

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Have you looked into renting a Trolley for your wedding Party :)... it might be a Fun way to have everyone together. Not a glamorous as a Limo, but everyone would be together :)

Here is a link I found...

Weddings, Groups and Charters on Old Town Trolley Tours® of Key West


Also, contact places in Miami... they might be able to point you in the right direction or even give you a reasonable deal to rent with them or have a sister company in the keys. I wish I could be of more help, we chose a location that was in walking distance to all of our functions to save money on transportation and add that to our budget elsewhere.


Good Luck :)!!!

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