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Hi! undecided destination location :-)

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I think you could totally get your FI to buy in to a DW by showing him some photos of other DWs. There are several photography vendors on this forum who have websites with amazing pics from DWs that they've shot. You could also offer a "compromise" of having a DW and an at home recepton (AHR). Many on this forum have chosen this route.


I agree with the others that the DW is much more affordable and not quite as stressful. As for the decision about the location, get a good travel agent (mine is awesome, by the way). I told her what my "need to haves" and "nice to haves" were and she supplied me with a list of resorts and websites within a week that met our criteria. Send me a private message (PM) if you'd like her info. Once you nail that down, work on your Save-the-Dates to give your guests time to save up.


Congratulations and good luck!

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