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hi ladies!


I am running out of room so I am selling my extra destination wedding stuff before I have to sleep on the deck!


10 Travel Journals - Inside: Tabs - To do list, Sightseeing and Notes. Itinerary, my packing list, thoughts, stickers, hotels, restaurants, points of interest, shopping, notes, etc. Paid $5 each - Sell $4 each


*Qty 12 - Approximate 8.5 inch tall 12oz bottles with corks (sealed in original bag) *Qty 12 - White boxes 6 plain, 6 w/travel stickers on them (12oz bottles fit perfectly inside) *I would like to sell the 12oz bottles and boxes together. I have stickers set aside to go with those so you can decorate the remaining 6 boxes. Paid $10.80 plus shipping for 12 bottles - Sell $10 for bottles, corks and boxes


Qty 48 - Approximate 6.5 inch tall 4oz bottles with corks. Paid $45 plus shipping for 50 bottles and corks - Sell $20


Qty 7 packs - 36 per pack round thick stickers (ship, car, plane, train, fly, trip fun, go) Paid 1.00 each - Sell $.50 each


Qty 10 packs - 60 per pack raised stickers (vacation, road trip, travel, are we there yet, resort, etc.) Paid $1.00 each - Sell $.50 each


Qty 9 packs - 40 sheet packing list. Paid $1.00 each - Sell $.50 each


Beach Bags - Straw and fabric (not sure maybe cotton?) with striped straps. Approximately 12" tall x 18" wide x 4-5" inside. Paid $3.50 each on Ebay - Sell $2.00 each Colors: Qty 2-Teal Qty 5-Blue Qty 6-Pink Qty 10-Purple


NEW T-shirts (pre-shrunk w/alcohol sayings): Medium - Time is never wasted if you're wasted all the time Small - I'm not as think as u drunk I am Small & 2XL - Can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning XL - 24 hours in a day..24 beers in a case...Coincidence? Large - Drinks well with others...Hands off my beer! I purchased from Vistaprint for my welcome bags but I guess I misjudged sizes so I have to reorder. They have not been tried on they just look a size smaller (to me) so please check Vistaprints size chart. My opinion - the small shirts will only fit a small woman no way its fitting a guy. Paid $5.00 each - Sell $3.50 each


Email me at wonderfulnow2006 at yahoo dot com with any questions or for pictures (it's not letting me attach them here). Thank you for looking!!

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I'll take the travel journals and the packing lists if you still have them. I just PM'd you.




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Originally Posted by cruisecrazy2006 View Post
Packing lists are still available (I sent you a PM)
I also found a few more travel journals if anyone is interested


I sent you an email about this last week and still haven't heard back sad.gif

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