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Looking to buy Fuschia and Turquoise items

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Hey ladies I am having trouble listing under the classified ad but I have 51 Tiffany Blue/Turquoise Satin chair sashes and 7 Tiffany blue/Turquoise Sating table runners. All from weddinglinensdirect.com.  $35 for the sashes and $10 for the runners. PLUS SHPPING

stuff to sell 064.JPGstuff to sell 065.JPG



Also, I have about 30 sheets of tiffany blue/light blue tissue paper left over from stuffing our OOT bags.stuff to sell 005.JPG



6-Pink/fushia TABLE NUMBER LUMINARIES. Loved these. The #6 has a little mark at the bottom of it, but when you fold it, it is the part on the bottom. These fold flat so PERFECT for travel. LED tealights work for these.  $10


4-"LOVE" light blue/tiffany blue LUMINARIES. So 1 "L", 1 "O", 1 "V", 1 "E". THese are a little bigger then the table number lumies and used for our guestbook/place car table. I got SOO many compliments on these!  $12


stuff to sell 015.JPG  small.jpgsmall1.jpgstuff to sell 020.JPG


Private Message me if you interested!

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New Items added


Turquoise & Fuchsia Butterflies 12 in each pack $5.50



Going to the beach signs printed on Bazzile Diamond White cards stock 50 $5.00 (paper goes for $0.69 at Michaels)



25 6x10 Kraft Bubble Mailers $7.50




20 Hard Plastic Luggage tags with various Mexico themed luggage tag inserts printed on Metallic Pearl card stock $20.00 + shipping








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