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BDW Biggest Loser ~ Season 9!

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Wow ladies, last week. So through this season, I have to confess I haven't been the most dedicated in terms of my weight loss goals and I've only lost about 4 (maybe 5 lbs by Friday) total all season. But you know what, it is better than staying the same or gaining weight. FI and I decided to get more serious about our weight lose and have started P90X, both the fitness and diet plans. It is only day 3 but we are really sticking with it. We are getting up and doing the workout at 6 am before we go to work and have been making the lunches the night before when we make dinner so that it is easy and convenient. So far I feel great. If we stick with it for the 90 days, I know I will lose that last 9-10 lbs in time for the wedding. So hopefully their is a BL 10. If so, I am in for sure.


So Jennypenny, I guess I have met this week's challenge as the P90X diet and exercise plan is definietly a new activity for me.

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elefant.gif FINAL WEIGH-IN DAY!! elefant.gif

Come on ladies... please send me your stuff by Saturday at 12:00 PM EST so that I can tabulate our final results! You can still participate, even if you missed a few weeks (I have been keeping track).

Wow, I can't believe this day came so quickly! I must confess that I didn't do as well as I wanted either... but time is running out and I only have 7 months left. So I have to get serious now for sure!

I am in Quebec City at the moment and definitely doing unusual kinds of activity... walking up and down the hills here is crazy!

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I took my final pic today...I really wish I could have done better. But I still have a little time left. I've done half already. Congrats to all the ladies who have lost something!! Good job!!

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Renee, I took my final weigh in today which I will send to you and I can do a mirror pic if that works. J is away but I can get him to take a proper final pic on Sunday when he returns. I forgot to ask him yesterday before he left. Would that work?

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WoohooO! We did it!! Renee you did an AWESOME job hosting!! Thank you!!


This was such a good experience for me...I've never stuck to anything before with regards to my diet & health and I am soooo proud to have finished positively! I've said it before...you girls rock! What an awesome support system! I can't believe how far I've come personally, and I'm sure many of you feel that same way!


have a great weekend everyone =o)

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I was freaking out because I couldn't find my phone or camera this morning and my FI is at work so I couldn't use his!


Thankfully I found my phone. It was on the charger where I had left it.

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Well, I'm proud of the weight I lost, but I'm frustrated too because now my wedding dress is too big! It was a little tight before, but I guess 8 pounds was too much weight to lose because now I have to have it taken in!

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bikegirl/Lindsay: ---

chipolte99: ---

Cindy*: -0.64%

elifrigo/Eliana: ---

Hunniebee724: ---

jamk32179: ---

jennypenny23/Jenny: -1.51%

LadyTrunck/Jannae: -0.00%

Leez309: ---

Mere/Meredith: -1.26%

Mischaka: -0.41%

mnh1983: -0.00%

nsbride2010/Natasha: ---

pamphilia/Pam: ---


SheriB: ---

Stachr/Stacey: ---

sunstarmoon: ---

Tifany: ---

Vallarta_2009/Heather: ---


Non-competing category:

Oryx/Renée: -1.63%



Total pounds lost this week: 10.4

Total lost to date: 132.8!!!




And our winner for this week is....

Jenny (jennypenny23)!!! cheer2.gif

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Cindy*: -2.92%

jennypenny23/Jenny: -16.21%

LadyTrunck/Jannae: -5.65%

Mere/Meredith: -0.63%

Mischaka: -4.12%

mnh1983: -5.71%

Sapphire723/LeAnne: -3.97%


Non-competing category:

Oryx/Renée: -1.76%



Total pounds lost this season: 132.8!!!!




And our winner for BL9 is....

smile159.gif Jenny (jennypenny23)!!! smile159.gif


I didn`t get everyone`s pictures in time, but the winner is clear anyways.... Congrats Jenny, you did an amazing job! I really hope you post your before and after pictures, because you can really tell a difference. And congrats to everyone who stuck it out to the end and sent in their last weigh-in. We did great – we lost over 130 pounds!


I know many of us would like to continue to support each other and eat well, so let`s start thinking about season 10.


Good job everyone!

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Congrats everyone, you all did so amazing!! Jenny, wow your weight loss is unbelievable. Congratulations!


So in total this season I lost 4.6 lbs. I'd lost about 3 lbs before that so a total of almost 8 lbs. When I ordered my dress, I knew that it would have to be taken in and I'm okay with that, I will take it in around mid August because I still have 9 lbs to lose to reach my wedding goal weight. Well, when I ordered my dress I went out and purchased a low back bustier to make sure that I would have a bra that I could wear with the dress and that wasn't noticeable. I paid $100 for it and was okay with that because it actually worked perfect with the dress. Well, my dress came in and I went to try it on yesterday. The dress is too big, no big deal, I expected that. But now the bustier is too big too - both in the back and in the cup, I guess I lost most of my weight in the chest area. I am totally bummed because I have only had the bustier on for a total of about 5 minutes and have to go get a new one. I can't return it and I can't sell it because I took the tags off. Oh well, I guess on the bright side, things being too big is a good thing.

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