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BDW Biggest Loser ~ Season 9!

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Yay!!!!!!!! Your dog is TOO CUTE!


It might be a lot of work, but it is a stroke of good fortune for sure. Congrats to you and future hubby! :)

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Originally Posted by LadyTrunck View Post
Ok, I am so beyond stoked (as well as stressed) he got the offer letter literally an hour after my last post!!!


So does anyone want to come to Cali and help me with this madness?? Joking!!! But I do have the cutest dog on the face of the planet to try and persuade (shameless pet plug, I know! I am obsessed w/ my dog)
Click the image to open in full size.
Yay, congrats!!! And yes, your dog is super cute! I am also a devoted pet lover (see avatar lol).

Results for this week to be posted shortly~

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bikegirl/Lindsay: -0.84%

chipolte99: ---

Cindy*: +0.25%

elifrigo/Eliana: ---

Hunniebee724: +0.82%

jamk32179: ---

jennypenny23/Jenny: -2.60%

LadyTrunck/Jannae: -2.41%

Leez309: ---

Mere/Meredith: -0.96%

Mischaka: +1.49%

mnh1983: +0.35%

nsbride2010/Natasha: 0.00%

pamphilia/Pam: -2.08%


SheriB: ---

Stachr/Stacey: -0.28%

sunstarmoon: -0.85%

Tifany: -5.09%

Vallarta_2009/Heather: -1.56%


Non-competing category:

Oryx/Renée: -1.77%



Total pounds lost this week: 23.5!

Total lost to date: 96.8!!




And our winner for this week is....

Tifany!!! cheer2.gif



Congrats to Tifany for having a super awesome loss! We missed a few people this week due to vacations and such, but we still lost over 23 lbs. combined – we are almost at 100 lbs. for this season. Thatâ€s amazing! Keep up the good work.



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