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BDW Biggest Loser ~ Season 9!

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Oops, I totally forgot to take my picture and send it this week. I had appointments before and after work yesterday and had to drive the boy out to his friend's house at 8am and just got back. My bad. :) Way to go ladies on your successes this week!

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bikegirl/Lindsay: -1.35%

chipolte99: -1.11%

Cindy*: +0.25%

elifrigo/Eliana: -1.64%

Hunniebee724: -0.14%

jamk32179: -0.78%

jennypenny23/Jenny: -0.99%

LadyTrunck/Jannae: ---

Leez309: -0.27%

Mere/Meredith: -0.63%

Mischaka: -0.89%

mnh1983: -0.69%

nsbride2010/Natasha: -0.46%

pamphilia/Pam: -0.62%

Sapphire723/LeAnne: -1.14%

SheriB: +0.68%


sunstarmoon: 0.00%

Tifany: ---

Vallarta_2009/Heather: +0.51%


Non-competing category:

Oryx/Renée: +0.99%




Total pounds lost this week: 13.50!

Total lost to date: 56.90!!




And our winner for this week is.... America's newest citizen,

Eliana/elifrigo!!! cheer2.gif



Keep up the good work, everyone!!! And congrats to Eliana!



And to quote Mischaka, who said it perfectly...


Originally Posted by Mischaka View Post
up or down at least we are being conscience of what we are doing. and we know exactly what we need to do to get there.. and we are making that effort.


keep up the good work ladies!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Mere View Post
Just a quick question-is this week two or week 3?
I put our baseline weights in my exel file as week 1... so this is the third weigh-in and the beginning of week 3. Hope that makes sense!

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