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BDW Biggest Loser ~ Season 9!

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BDW Biggest Loser IX РStart date: April 16, 2010 Рinitial weigh in Рto start, you will need to send Ren̩e [Oryx] your starting weight along with a photo for proof (photo of yourself plus the number on the scale). You can send these to: BLseason9@gmail.com.


This season will last 12 weeks. Each subsequent week, you will send Renée [Oryx] your weight and a photo of the scale (you don’t need to send a photo of yourself every week, just the first and last weeks). Weigh-in days will be on FRIDAYS. However, in the hopes that you won’t miss any weeks, you will have until each Saturday at 12:00PM EST to send me your weigh-in and photo for that week.


So, to recap the rules:

  1. You will take a before pic of yourself and send it to Renée [Oryx]. She will not share the before pic with anyone. Participants will decide if they want to share their before pics.
  2. Every FRIDAY starting on April 16, send your weight by e-mail to Renée [Oryx] at BLseason9@gmail.com. Also send a pic of the scale for proof, and if the number on the scale isn't clear, please also type in the weight in your message.
  3. On the last day of the contest, take an after photo and send it to Renée [Oryx] along with your weigh-in. If Renée [Oryx] does not receive your weigh-in on that day, you are not eligible to win. Renée [Oryx] will not share the after pic with anyone. Participants will decide if they want to share their after pics.
  4. Renée [Oryx] will calculate percentage of weight loss from week-to-week (for fun and motivation), as well as the overall loss for the entire group!
  5. The one who lost the most weight in terms of % loss at the end of twelve weeks will be the Biggest Loser!
  6. If you do not send in your weight on time for 2 weeks in a row without letting Renée [Oryx] know in advance that you're out that week, you will be disqualified.
  7. If you become disqualified, or would just like to join in for fun, you can continue to send in your weigh-ins (but you will not be eligible to win).
  8. For any and all communication for this contest, please send me (Renée) an email at BLseason9@gmail.com if it's something that requires my attention.
  9. If you are banned from the forum for any reason, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  10. There will be no "drama". If there is any such drama, Renée [Oryx] has the right to disqualify participants or stop the contest all together.
  11. The BDW Biggest Loser will be rewarded with a BL Season 9 avatar.
  12. BL participants are highly encouraged to frequently post in the BL9 thread – motivation and active participation are key to supporting each other!

*BDW Owner/Administration takes no responsibility for this contest

  • *There can be no monetary prize arranged via this forum
  • *Should any issues arise, BDW Administration will not get involved unless forum rules are broken
  • *Participants/members will decide who will run the contest
  • *All rules must be posted and agreed upon by all members/participants prior to the start of the competition; these rules will be set and posted by the member running the contest, not BDW Administration




Hi Ladies!


I am determined to stick with this, so I'm writing to see who would be interested in participating in a 9th season of BDW Biggest Loser! I am willing to host this time around, since I just participated in Season 8 and really enjoyed it. Natasha (nsbride2010) did an awesome job last season, but since she is getting married soon (yay Natasha!), I figure it's time for someone else to take over. I hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes though, so if someone else really wants to host, please let me know.


I am hoping to start soon.... maybe early May? Let me know if you are interested and when you think would be a good time to start. Also, please let me know what day of the week you want to weigh in -- my vote would be for Fridays, because that gives us a whole week to recover from the weekends! And it would also give me the weekend to get the results up. But I'm flexible, so let's go with what works for the majority.


So please post if you're interested, when you'd like to start, and what day is best to weigh in!


If you want to see the rules and basically how Season 8 went, check out this thread: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...son-8-a-53343/

I'll also copy the same rules and everything once we get a few people interested and if you all agree to let me host.



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Oooh! I've been looking forward to season 9! I am definitely joining this one! Thanks for offering to host, and day of weigh-in doesn't matter to me. I am up for starting soon too! Even April sounds good! hehehe

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Would April 16th be too early to start? I want to give everyone a chance to join, if they want to.


And how would people feel about having Friday as the weigh-in day, but giving people until 12:00 PM EST on Saturday to get their picture to me? That way maybe more people would not miss the weigh-in. What do you think?

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