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Riveria Maya..secrets maroma, iberostar grand, or el dorado royale??? help! :)

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Im having a hard time deciding between some great resorts.

El Dorado Royale, Iberostar(grand), and Secrets Maroma.

WE have been to R.M. before and loved it.

WE got engaged at The Royal, FANTASTIC resort.

Regardless in researching these resorts they all have a piece of the pie I want but going back and forth. I think El Dorado has the chapel, which I want but maybe not the reception location to accomidate.

We have 60 guests and they are wanting me to go inside.

I want an outdoor reception, ground floor though not beach/sand.

I can get this at the other resorts but lose the chapel.

Its a big ole puzzle. Would love some suggestions from other brides or brides to be on these resorts, feedback.

I love the idea of BIG and I think we get alot of options for our guest at all 3.

So also trying to find the perfect wedding day for us!

Thanks for feedback... Christy

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