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Wedding Cake Topper - HELP

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Originally Posted by DolphinMareDVM View Post
got mine from etsy.com the seller was mudcards and it came out amazing. it's made out of clay/putty and she'll make whatever you want. it's a really great deal, for a beach theme, the two of us and our dog, it was less than $100 with shipping. good luck!
Thanks for the name of the seller on etsy. I spent last night, the ENTIRE night, on etsy and eBay looking through all the toppers. And when I say all night, eBay alone was 74 pages with 50 items on each page - oh yes, I searched every page. Didn't find the one I had seen previously but custom is probably the only way to do it.

After searching for so long, we decided we may just do something very basic, like the word "love" with flowers around it. Thanks everyone!

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