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long haired girls


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hey all of you ladies w/ long hair - do you shed??


i shed like a long haired cat!!!! everytime i touch my hair, some comes out in my hand...it's always all over the bed, my chair, and forget about what happens in the shower!!!!smile41.gif


i KNOW i'm not losing my hair, per say, as it's very thick and i've always lost more when it is long...i'm sure that having curly hair doesn't help, and i always keep it up in a ponytail. i DO understand that some hair is supposed to fall out, esp. due to the weight of it, now that it's long...but i dont want to cut it off until after the wedding...


so, do you shed? and have you found any kind of product/method to keeping your hair in your head?

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
I shed all the time as well.. And ummm sorry if this is TMI but when our boys go outside to poo sometimes their's a long hair coming out as well.. Yeah pretty gross..
LMAO!!!! My little dog too....so funny.

Yep, my hair is more than halfway down my back and I shed like crazy!! So much so that my vacuum always got clogged up! I ordered one of those magic rake thingys off an infomercial just to be able to get the hair out of the carpet...lol
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i find hair in the cat poop too.....ew!


tammyb, we have a dyson vacuum cleaner and you'd be AMAZED at how much that thing picks up from carpet and uncarpeted areas - an incredible amount of hair (and so much dirt and dust it makes you think that you live in a very dirty home...)...


ok, so stress is NOT helping...i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one tho!

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