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More ROR helpful info- 5 weeks til Wedding!

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Hi everyone,




I joined this forum over a year ago-and I can honestly say Id be lost of it wasnt for all of you on here. For all you past brides who still check in to help us out-thank you so much.


For all you future brides, including those of you who are a year or so away...or closer-keep checking back, keep searching threads, there's always an answer on here somewhere.


My fiance and I got our twinrix and tetanus shots the other day-as it happened our nurse's son was getting married at ror down the road-while she told me all about the travel pre-cautions, I told her all about costs of photography, and how extra cake was more, and baout how you can rent nicer chairs, write your own ceremony, bring your own decor, told her about private dinner options etc etc.......she couldnt believe all the research and knowledge I had done and acquired-all thanks to this forum! So again, thanks.


Ok..so my turn to help you.....


I am completely done communicating with ROR & Chandlyn and her assistants, all done with Michael at the photoshop and have made my hair appointment at the spa......so Ill give you any info I have.


I have heard a lot from past brides who sit and wait for them to contact you-why bother? I have been emailing back and forth with them a year now-but only got down to detail this week. I sent an email to the girls (chandlyn n them) confirming everything we booked last year, the ceremony, location, time, steel drum band etc. All came back confirmed.


We have 37 in our group-going with free package..paying 350 for fees and upgrading the cake, the champagne for toasts, adding some decor, going with the white chairs etc. We're picking out the music for the steel drum band to play (or at least I hope too...I want certain songs) All prices include tax already-no additional cost......I done photocopies of our passports and birth certificates, got them notarized by a friend (luckily) and scanned and emailed them-she came back asking for occupations, emailed the answer back-and that was that...I have to bring the copies with me.......they informed me they dont have any dry cleaning/steaming for dresses and grooms attire-but canbe done in town.....kinda crappy-I would imagine my dress will be full of wrinkles....but oh well....and Chandlyn also gave me a time and date to meet her-and the place for when we arrive...its the day after-and we ll take care of everything then (I hope) But so far-shes been great-always gets back to me within 48 hours...answer are short and sweet lol..oh-and we originally booked the royal package-there was no need really-we re already booked for the jacuzzzi sute so wont do the upgrade, dont need free tshirts or spa services......so we went with the free package-and had to contact the wedding depart in mexico for that.....


Michael at the photoshop is da bomb-again, gets back to me right away. I just changed our contract. I originally had him booked the hwole day-but cut back...so we're booking an extra hour with him-I think it costs us 1100 all together for the pics and his time......but anywho-that was easy-I just filled out his contract and scanned and sent it back to him....he told me that I will have to pay a deposit if another bride requests him for the same day-.....to ensure I want him....agai, got back to me with it confirmed in a day...his last email said that everything is confirmed and I wouldnt have to contact him again until I arrive at Jamaica-to stop by as soon as I can and confirm and pay for everything once Im there..........


The spa-because Im using extensions, they ve requested that I do a hair trial.....gonna cost me, but better safe then sorry-so thats something else to keep in your budget.......


Something else we done.....we got our flowers at michales....the boquets and we made our own boutinnaires-just to ensure all the colors match, and its saved on money and was fun to do-they re great and quite real looking. We also bought fans there, and Ive added jewels too them as well as ribbon thats says our names and wedding date and tied them on-plan on having them out on all the chairs for the ceremony-as well as bubbles, which we ve also personalized...everything was bought at weddingfavours.ca--quick turnaround time there too...and oh yeah...we bought mini lanterns there too to use at the tables on the beach for the reception and for dinner..I also bought staned gass candle holders and tea lights.....bringing it all down.......aI should also mention our save the dates......we put them out last January and got them done by a great eprson names April from Ontario-she was great to work with, I provided her with all the info and she made us up a real nice brochure like invite of the resort for the wedding-sent me back a couple pdf's//when we got it right I paid her through paypal and printed them at staples......Destination Wedding Invitations & Announcements by Apryl's Designs our invite is actually a sample now on her website. My dress was bought at best for bride in Toronto, grooms attire was bought at le chateau.......groomsmens attire came from old navy and the girls from sears....gosh-I could go on forever...lol


Ill cut this off here...........any questions just ask.....but thats how things are going so far-my to do list is still HUGE....gotta get at it!


Heres costs of additional things at ror:


reggae band 550

steel drum 450 (went up ) mento band 200 all per hour

dj 150, saxaphonist 250, sound system 90.....ALL USD.


PRIVATE reception at plantation 500-2 hrs, 1000 4 hrs


private pool/beach reception (incls food) 55 per person


gazebo decor 75 n up

aisle runner 45

white folding chairs 5

chair covers and tie backs 12

sash 2

sand cereomy kit 50

additional champagne 15 per bottle

open bar 10 per person

large wedding cake 350 n up



Hope someone found something useful here..........happy planning everyone!

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Marie, you have been so helpful. Thank you!! I seriously can't wait to hear how things go for you, it sure is coming up quick! I wish you all the best and that your day is perfect.

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Thanks Marie,

Great tips...we are getting married on June 2-2010...

Just one question..i really didn't know that changing from the Royal Package to the Free was an option. I have 38 coming..and really couldn't be bothered with the t-shirts or the spa services...what was the total price (free + people)?, and was this something that Chandlyn recommendedhuh.gif

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Hey skinner....I originally book the royal package only because of the upgrade and because I knew Id have over 30 people.....so just lately Ive been looking at cutting costs anywhere of course to add other extra stuff-and I started reading on here how many brides go with the free package....we qualify cause we have the rooms....and just look back again what the royal package includes that the free does not.....both let you have cahndlyn, both lets you have decor set up, boquet for bride and groom,.....royal includes minister and legal fees, free tshirts, upgrade, spa services, surprise gift, witnesses if required...............and its like 1400huh.gif something like that........sooooo we re going with the free-we pay 375 for the ministers, legal stuff-marriage certificate or whatever.........then pay for extra cake for our guests(which Im not even fussy on cause we'll prob be too drunk and full for cake...lol), pay for champagne if you want to toast....only 15 a bottle, we can all still dine at the semi private restaurant, no additional cost...I actually confirmed that with Chandlyn, theres no extra charge cost cause we have so many people....but anyways-thats what we did-we changed, I contacted her to change it-but she directed me to the wedding department, who got back to e within a day with confirmation that it was changed and I was eligible for the free package....and will just pay that 375 plus any extras............

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