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I lost my ring today!

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So FI and I head out to the gym this morning. It was a pretty nice day, not too hot or muggy, so I decide to go for a run outside. I have my e-ring on at this point. I get back in the gym, stretch out a bit, and then get my weight gloves out of my bag. Per usual, I take off my ring, because it doesn't fit under the glove, and put it into the pocket of my shorts. My running shorts have a lining (think bundees) and tiny pocket (perfect for a key...or ring) sewn inside. The pocket also has a flap, so nothing falls out (or at least that's the idea). Anyways, I have done this on several occasions. I know I should just leave my ring at home, but sometimes I forget or I'm coming for someplace other than home, and I figure it is safer on my person that in my car, locker, or bag.

So I'm lifting weights for a few minutes, and I feel for my ring (I'm surprised I even checked, I'm pretty confident in my little pocket). No ring! Panic sets in! I take a quick look in the areas I have been. The floor is black, so a shiny ring would be pretty obvious. No ring. Looked in the bathroom at the front entrance where I stopped right after I took the ring off....no ring! Now my heart is really racing. I have to tell me FI. Pretty soon everyone in the gym is looking. People are digging through the dirty towels, the garbage can, everywhere. Still no ring.

10-15 minutes later I'm determined that either a)someone saw it on the floor and swiped it or b)it fell out of my shorts and into the toilet (although I thought I would have heard that happen). So pretty much I'm convinced that someone picked it up and took it. There's no way I wouldn't be able to see it on the floor. FI and everyone think I must have lost it on my run... but I KNOW that I had it when I got back and I remember taking it off and putting it into my hidden pocket.

Just when all hope is lost (and my poor FI is turning purple)...I pat myself down (for the at least the fifth time), and I pull it out of my a$$..literally(almost)...somehow it ended up caught in the lining of my shorts right in the butt where I couldn't feel it. I was so relieved, but also a bit embarressed (one poor guy was still piecing through the trash)..at least pretty much everyone at the gym is 2nd family and they were just as happy and relieved as I was. Anyway..thank God! My FI has been using it against me all day...throwing in a little comment whenever he can. Now he says I am NEVER, under any circumstances allowed to remove my ring for ANY reason.

Just thought I'd share my near heart-attack story!

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