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#21 Birdie07

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    Posted 02 April 2010 - 11:11 PM

    Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust
    He brought me in because there was this trial period where you earned triple points on everything. I don't raid or anything like that, I'd be afraid that everyone would get mad at me (some of these people are REALLY serious about WoW) and I don't feel like stressing out over a game. Like said, I really love questing during World events. I now have a pony keg (where I'll just pitch it and get drunk randomly and dance and hope people join me), a pet squashling (which I guess most people got as level 80 doing the headless horseman, but I can't do that so I got it randomly trick or treating 80 times in a row lol), a picnic, a beer mug, a temporary (:-( i really wanted a permanent) flying broomstick, and a bunch of other useless stuff. It makes my day! I might have to check into hunter... I like hiding behind things.
    OH well if u like hiding. Rogue is fun. You disappear and sneak up behind people and kill them. My main is a rogue. But you have to be up close and personal. I think its funny you only like holidays. I never quest in holidays. I did do this last one though. I'm sure if you spent some time maybe with someone and practiced you'd do fine in randoms.

    #22 Girasole

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      Posted 03 April 2010 - 09:33 AM

      I am addicted to getting achievements...like this week...I was 98/100 mounts so what did I do, switch to tailoring & leveled it high enough I could make my last 2 mounts to get an achievement, ha! There are some people that are wow crazy but we play with a bunch of friends, FI's brother, and lots of couples we have met through the game so it's not hard-core, althought we have done that in the past but it feels like a second job. Holidays are fun! Sunday starts the spring quests, I just wish they would add new ones so I had something to do too!
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      #23 Pazzesca

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        Posted 09 April 2010 - 01:02 PM

        this thread completely made my day!! soo many people don't understand how addicting games like that can be!! i never played WoW or anything popular or known. i played and was addicted to a web based game that had rounds. i am still embarassed to state what game it was! i started playing it in beta from round 1 through about 7 or so which was from late 2004 - 2007 after i finally broke my addiction i would pop up once in a while to chat with players i was "friends" with but that was it.

        however, i have to say i learned a lot about computers and such while an active player. i learned about bit torrents and IRC and team speak and skype and a bunch of other things. i also learned about different countries and such from players. it's amazing how much of a community there can be online.

        #24 Oryx

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          Posted 14 April 2010 - 10:15 PM

          I never played WoW, but I played Final Fantasy online for a while -- so addictive! I had to give it up completely because it was taking up too much time.

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